Thermostat Scheduler 2.0 cannot set Heating temperatures

I upgraded HE to and Thermostat Scheduler to 2.0.
In Select Period Settings I can click on the items in the Time, Cool, and Fan columns and change their values. When I click on anything in the Heat column, the screen flickers and a round circle of stars rotates to indicate something is happening, but then nothing happens and I am not offered any way to change Heating to a number, except for the Away item at the bottom where I can change all of Heat, Cool, and Fan. I can't change any of the regular Heating values to numbers.

Browsers: Firefox 104.0 and Opera 91.0.4516.20 under Linux Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS.

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If I have the Scheduler control a thermostat, do I have any manual control of the thermostat set point using the buttons on the thermostat, or does the Scheduler continuously send set point temperatures to the thermostat, over-riding any manual changes (which is how the Thermostat Controller works).
I would prefer that the Scheduler only send set point changes at the times given in the table, so that I am free to adjust the set point manually between those times. Is that how it works?

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Same issue happening for me in TS-2.0 under Chrome (latest) in Win10. Happens in "Schedule" grid, but does not crop up for Heat/Cool setpoints in "Modes" grid.

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Will investigate.

You do have manual control. Thermostat Scheduler only sends setpoints when a new time period begins. So at that time it would override whatever you had set, but not otherwise.

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Same problem for me. Upgraded to this morning on C-7. Heating column is unresponsive.


This bug with 'heating' in the table has been found, and fixed for next release.


Fixed in 122: Release 2.3.3 Available - #3 by gopher.ny


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