Thermostat Controller help

Reviving an old thread…..

Is there a way to have 1 sensor control thermostat over night (upstairs) and main thermostat control during day (Downstairs) ?

problems of having 1 zone.

Right now I have my thermostat as “controlled”.
Should I have a rule at 7am to turn it “free” if possible and then have nest thermostat schedule work from there? In that possible?
Or is there a simpler way?

I just need something simple to control overnight and day time. I don’t currently use hub modes

That would be in Thermostat controller, not scheduler.

Using modes would be the "built in" way of handling that but if you REALLY don't want to go that way then maybe you can use two variables for the weight of the sensor and then have a rule that changes the variable value based on when you want one sensor to be active and the other not??

so if use modes i can set it that during day time hours to use main thermostat. night time upstairs sensor.

now, here is another dilemma.... i currently have main thermostat in "free" mode during the day this way my wife can play with temp as needed ( she's anti this tech)
is there a way to have the thermostat still comply with other rules like putting in away mode and hence ECO mode if its still in "free" for those times we are out of house for extended period of time? don't even see an option in RM to switch that feature

How are you putting it in free mode during the day? You should be able to use that same method to put it back in controlled when you are away which can then set eco mode??

It’s in “free” mode from the thermostat controller app. But there’s no option in RM or webcore (that I saw) that would allow me to switch between free and controlled. As of now I’m tinkering with idea of making two controllers for the same thermostat at the same time, but one would only be activated during away mode, and the other one would be every other time, but it does not seem to be working as I’m playing around with it now.