Thermostat Controller - Control Offset Idle Method Anomaly

C-8 hub, latest platform version (, latest app version (2.0.3).

I have a time-based set point schedule implemented in NodeRed, where I'm doing a little more logic for the desired set point than can be accomplished with the bulit-in Thermostat Scheduler app. About 5 times in a 24 hour period, a new set point is computed and then written to the thermostat controller virtual device (using the setCoolingSetpoint method).

I'm using the 'control offset' idle method. Offset is set to 3 degF.

Occasionally, I find that the controlled thermostat temperature (the real thermostat device) set point is unchanged, even though the thermostat controller device set point has been increased. It appears this can happen subsequent to when the thermostat controller set point has been satisfied, and it has commanded the real thermostat to 'idle' by raising the set point 3 degF.

While the real thermostat is idle, if the controller set point is increased, the controller app does not then increase the real thermostat set point, as one would expect it to then change to 'controller set point + offset'.

Seems to happen only when the controlled thermostat is idle, not when it is cooling.

Anyone encounter this behavior?

I have seen this happen. I never really though much of it until now because from what I have observed, the next time the controller thermostat calls for cooling (I'm in AC/cool mode season) at whatever temperature I have it set to, the controlled (real t-stat) set point always gets set to the controller set point +/- offset. For example, I can set the controller thermostat to 76 and have an offset of 3, which should set the controlled thermostat to 79. As you've seen, this does not always occur on the controlled t-stat. I believe that this only happens when both the controller and controlled t-stats are idle. If the controller t-stat then calls for cooling at 73, the controlled/real t-stat's set point changes to 70. It is my understanding that this is normal behavior with the thermostat controller, but I could be wrong.

Thanks, I think that the app should obey the offset regardless of thermostat operating state, but maybe there’s a reason?

To overcome this, I built a RM rule to adjust the controlled thermostat setpoint when idle and differs from (controller setpoint+offset). This works as expected.

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FYI I have Ecobee thermostats and use the Ecobee App rather than the thermostat controller app. There are mode-based offsets in the thermostats, but my automations seem to work just fine. Yes, during peak periods the setpoints are adjusted at the thermostat(s), but I account for that with the automation setpoints (in Rule Machine).