Thermostat Controller App With T6 Pro causing Excessive event alerts

I am using @thebearmay's [Resurrected] Advanced Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat Driver for my thermostat and that seems to be working fine. I wanted to use the TC app to control it so I could use the additional features that the TC app provides. I am not sure if I missed a configuration step or somehow have caused this issue, but anytime the tstat is running, I get events generated every couple of seconds, causing alerts on the hub.

Here is the events from the controller tstat while the heat is running, reaches temp and goes idle:

Here are the events from the controlled tstat:

Here are the logs from the TC app:

Here is the configuration of the TC app:

Here is the TC app details:

What do I need to do to get the volume of events under control?

No one else seeing this issue?


No need to tag support as they aren't responsible for this driver anymore. You want to tag @thebearmay for it since he's maintaining it at the moment.

Driver is doing what's it's told from what I can see.

I agree with the Bear. T6 is fine until I connect it to TC and then there are a lot of events when it is running.

I am getting multiple events per min when the stat is running. That causes alerts from the hub for excessive events. Is this what others are seeing when TC?

This is 1 min of TC logs with 27 entries while running:

Why does the controller stat set the temp over and over?

The T6 ends up with 25 events in that 1 min:

I have a nest t-stat on the other system that I would like to replace with a T6 but I am afraid that when they are both running the hub will lock up with the volume of events per min.

@support_team Who can I work with on this issue? If I remove the thermostat controller, there are no alerts and only a few events from the t-stat. Once I put TC back in charge of the t-stat, I get tons of events for every cooling or heating cycle.

Do you still have problems using the built-in driver?

I will test with the built-in honeywell t6 driver. I don't have the same issue with the Generic zwave plus t-stat driver but that does not update the temp from the t-stat to habitat enough for some reason.

With the built-in Honeywell driver, TC cannot set the temp and there is a null entry in the logs.

I also get strange behavior on the device page. If I click initialize I get these supported:

If I click configure they change to:

TC device page shows:

Thoughts on the posted screen shots and logs?

I started over to see if that would help but it has not.

My two T6 devices have been set to use the Advanced Driver from thebearmay. They seem to be working fine in this configuration with TS handling the schedule.

I deleted my TC apps and devices for both T6s and created new ones. When I change the temp on the TC device the temp is Not changed on the controlled T6.

Here are the logs from TC app 933 and TC device 1752. I increased the temp on the TC device to 77 but the T6 stayed on 76

What other logging, configs or screenshots do you need to help me troubleshoot what to do next?

@bcopeland @bobbyD @support_team

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