The sensor in the demoroom in the master bedroom in the suite in the hotelroom... next to the king size bed

Mike and Greg were talking about this sensor in the latest Hubitat Live.
Available off the shelf, but not in the USA.

Does anybody know what it's called, I would love to read up on that. Definitely can think of a 1000 uses for that!!!

Under active discussion in this thread:

And from what I gather, they're unwilling/unable to spill the beans just yet.


How many of these have been 'shown' but then under perform or just vanish ? This is such a holy grail for the Home Automation industry and perhaps more so for the home health industry.

The chance of it drying up and blowing away is large, but what I got out of the mention was: "The tech is getting better. The tech makes a good, maybe even great demo."

Which means that this 'pioneer' of the tech demo'd may well vanish, but the NEXT one will be closer. The one after THAT... I want that one. :slight_smile:

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There have been a couple of these "breakthrough presence sensing" companies in the recent past. Happy Bubbles is one of them, and I can't remember the other. Happy Bubbles claimed the China tariffs basically put them out of business, which I thought was sort of a lame excuse. I don't think the other one, which I can't remember, was successful either.

I go back and forth with presence, it seems like it should be very easy to do with the technology we have. On the other hand, I am opposed to being tracked, at least by devices (like my phone) where I have no control over where my data ends up. I am usually the first one to try new technology, but I think it is creepy to be continuously watched.