Why won't Hubitat tell us about the "radar" system at CES

Who manufactures that ‘radar’ type person locator from CES - that Greg mentioned in the Live session ? Is it WiTrack ?

That sure sounded neat. I too wonder who makes it and when will it be available. Of course we need Greg to come through and get one for Mike to create a driver. :wink:


Do you want me to guess again or are you not telling ?

^ - this...


It's probably on this list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[Edit] Or not. It was pointed out to me that list is from 2013 :rofl:

Why publicise it in the Hubitat Live webcast then ?

My next guess would be an Israeli company.

TEASE ? :smiley:

I think it is https://vayyar.com/
Don't understand why Mike is being difficult about this though.

Well. the option is to tell you guys absolutely nothing or tell you what we feel we can and leave out the details that we are not at liberty to say. It sounds like we have at least 2 votes for not saying anything about whats upcoming or what we are looking into.

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Yes, I think that’s the Israeli company I was meaning..

I think there is a difference between what you’re doing internally re products and features and what third party products you might be looking to support, particularly available / publicly shown products like this (CES) . After all you just pre announced Shelly support too.

I’m missing the ‘issue’ and secrecy here it seems


We know Shelly works, its supported by a community driver at this time. This other product might not even work with our system, so while it was a cool product, if it turns out that we can't support it, I know we will have some people saying, "but you said you were going to support it!" even if that's not what we said. Our opinion has always been not to comment on release dates or features. Occasionally we do comment on upcoming features when they are a done deal. It does sound like we need to stop teasing anything that is upcoming lest it be thrown in our faces when we feel we can't comment on other things.


So does that mean you’re working on dog bowl automation too ? :wink:

You did a rundown on top CES products by your CEO (strange choice in the limited airtime available) with no inference you were supporting any. You identified all the manufacturers except this one so I was just curious. I didn’t realise it was such a ‘secret’’ sorry

.. .. but it’s an interesting product to everyone so you stirred my interest Person tracking (even when dormant) and their identification is a real ‘holy grail’ for next gen home automation. I hope this goes well but if it can’t be done then that’s how things are.


I already have here, but have not yet explored one of their Walabot derivative products that I was wanting for counting people entering and leaving a room.

@chuck.schwer position is quite reasonable : once HE said half word about ipotethic new device we should let them work about.
of course I'll be the first to poll about news time by time :blush:

The UWB technology is really hot. I'm monitoring it since one year. Only now I noticed first products suitable for private usage as Avigilon, Umain and others

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I am looking for the zigbee dog poop sensor that, when active, I can use to disable the Roomba run.


Unless you vacuum your yard, I would suggest training the dog not to poop in the house! :slight_smile:


I agree. We have one that is very well trained. Then there is the other one.

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Everyone knows an "other one" and I suppose according to my better half, I am the untrained one, so perhaps it is me.