The infamous Fibaro FGS-223 Relay

Hi Guys, me again.

Following some good advice I've now got the hang of copying and loading additional driver codes. (I'm still a newbe)

I'm now trying to get my head around this relay setup. Ive attached a screen shot showing a section of my devices list. You can see that I've got the Parent FGS-223 and the two S!/S2 metering switch child devices. But at present, these are not working. The one above these (Fibaro Double Switch) is the actual device included within HE. Currently, this is only showing and operating the S1 output.

So that I can understand how this is set up, the virtual Parent (Front Steps/Garden Lights) is the additional Driver Code added. Do I have to associate this with my own device as I can't see (or understand) how this is associated with my own device?

As I have about 10 of these bad boys and it seems as there could be an issue with these else I am going about it completely the wrong way.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or direction; I'm learning all the time. :slight_smile:

I had a double switch once i could never get the second switch to work reliably so i got rid, i replaced it with a QUBINO Flush ZMNHBD3 double relay and that has just worked faultlessly for 2 years.

have u read this? Fibaro FGS-223

Hi Gary, thanks for your reply. Yes, I did see that post and by the looks of things, there is still an ongoing issue with the 223's. As I said before, I have about 10 of these and whereas I appreciate your comment on the reliability of the Qubino, they are very expensive even compared to the Fibaro. I also read in another post that someone, who had the same issue, replaced all of his with the Shelly relays. This might be the way forward for me? Thanks again,

Not too sure if it’s still an issue, when I was running the double relay Shelly’s there was a problem with them updating their state to the hub.

I'd try excluding and re-including it. If you are dead set on replacing them, Zooz recently released their ZEN52 relay and it's working reliably for me. I have some FGS-222s that work a treat, but they use different drivers.

I have about 10 of these Fibaro double switch and they are working fine.
I am not sure I fully understand what you did but I would suggest you start over. When you first include the device you should have the parent device only. GIve it a name you want and then, you assign this device the driver you downloaded (Fibaro double switch 2 FGS-223). When you click configure, the system will automatically create 2 child devices (one for S1 and one for S2) with the Metering Switch Child Device.
This should work for you.
You can then set the device parameters (at the parent level) according to youe needs).
Good luck

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I have 3 of the FGS-223's and the same of the FGS-224's (the newer double smart module that doesn't do power monitoring). As long as they are included as @amithalp details above they should be fine.

The only issues I've had with both the 223's and the 224's was when connected to particular loads the contacts can stick/weld closed. I've had one location where it's connected to a 230V switch mode PSU that supplies some 12V LED strip and it was nothing but bother, I've swapped it out 4 times. Following advice on the forum I fitted a ESB1 inrush current limiter in line with the load and so far so good.

I had the same issue with connecting to a outside socket which in turn was connected to some 12V & 24V LED's. One of the relays did in fact burn out. Fibaro support suggested an inrush current limiter. After installing, the problem went away.

Petty sound advice and I'm not sure exactly what I did either. lol. With that said though, I did exclude and remove my device and re-loaded as suggested. I then assigned the device as "Fibaro double switch 2 FGS-223". Sadly to no avail; My device is only operating on S1 relay and Metering Switch Child device has not created 2 child devices. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Soz to be a pain. :slight_smile:

Did you click “configure”?

It usually takes a minute to create the child devices

Yes I did, but still no joy

Can you attach the log for the device?

Hopefully you are able to read the attached

Have you installed the "Metering Switch Child Device" driver?

Yes, all done, screen shot attached.

This is not the desired outcome for sure.
Your parent device the child devices should look like this example"

Lets make sure you are using the correct driver version.
Delete, exclude and include again your device with the following drivers

For FGS-223

For the child device:

Many thanks for this, I know this may sound like one of the dumbest question, But I assume I copy this code from line 23? I did say I was new to all this lol. Thanks