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Ha found it.
Go home remote - settings - hubitat - click the refresh button above your devices.

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Guys, how's performance when hubitat sends state updates back to home remote? Is it fast or slow? Does the code manage this via websockets? If an app turns on a light within HE, how fast is the update back to home remote?

I use Sharptools currently, but am curious about this.

It uses WebSockets for local connections & cloud polling when away from home. So it will be faster when you are at home & connected to the same network.

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Gotcha and thnx for the quick reply. What's your polling frequency when connecting over cloud?

Also, I use Node Red hubitat integration which takes load off HE and works great. Anyway we could get a websockets integration running with NR HE for Home Remote? Might help with overall performance when keeping load off the hub.

When you are away from home & connected through the cloud it will poll at a rate of approximately 5 seconds.

Thanks for the tip. If you are a programmer you can write a custom plugin to connect to your NR WebSocket.

Thanks, one last question. Is it possible to setup websockets with the cloud connection using native HE hub?

I don't think so but I may not be the best person to ask. Back in May of 2020 they only had a locally accessible WebSocket. It's possible they've since released a WebSocket that is cloud accessible. You can ask their staff or maybe search API discussions here in the forum.

There was some discussion about that here a couple months ago. It doesn't look like anything has changed.

Having trouble with / devices one works one doesn’t. I have replaced all applicable tokens and still no luck. The other device works like a charm right next to it on the same network. It is a new iPhone 13 that I’m having issues with.

Any chance you didn't approve the Home Remote's request for Local Network access?

It should have prompted you shortly after installing the app. If you aren't sure, go to iOS Settings & make sure that the Local Network option is turned on.


You mailed it. That was the problem. The new phone must have not had that selection. Appreciate you’re help.

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@bill.venhaus Love falling down the rabbit hole how have I not found this brilliant bit of work! Only just started playing but looks great


I started with the app is there a way to go from the app to the designer to improve the build?

Yes. Go to the Settings page in the app & then save a Backup. That Backup file can be used with the Designer. I actually recommend new users take this approach because starting with an app Backup can save you time.

I thought that but then it wouldn't let me select that file. will test again

If you are exporting from Android, you will need to rename the ZIP file extension to HRP in order to open it with the Designer.

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yeah that was it I had to name it a name + add . HRP

Hi Bill,
I I have been able to get my weather page setup and working THANK YOU for the help!
On to my next issue, I have the red ON/Off switch setup in my Hubitat configuration, and I am using the Push and Hold scene selectors to run some light scenarios in Rule Machine successfully>
I was trying to make a dedicated button for the 4 lighting scenes I created in Rule Machine for Movie Lights, Work Lights and a couple of others.
My issue is the Device configuration page file only calls out EnergyMeter, PowerMeter and Switch as the capabilities, is there a way I can copy that and add the Push, Hold and other extended capabilities to a new axml file to include the additional capabilities?
Are attributes the way to do this? I have a number of these innovelli red switches in use.
If you could point me to some examples or tutorials of how to modify the Tile and Switch files to use the added Push or Hold functions for scenes?

Never mind I got virtual switches working with Home Remote talking to Hubitat. it is working just fine now.
Thanks again for all your help in getting me started.

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