The Great Fridge/Freezer Temperature Sensor Challenge

My fellow Home Automators:
I got really tired of my efforts to find a suitable fridge/freezer Zigbee Temperature sensor.
So, I decided to put fresh batteries in all the spare sensors that I had (lying about), and put the whole lot in the freezer!
May the best sensor win!
Here is a picture of the contenders:

A1 - the venerable Sonoff SNZB-02
B1- the Chineese champion - Blitzwolf
C1 & C2 - - the Tuya underdog (with twice the number of sensors) Model:
D1 & D2 -- the Konke favourite (uses a 2450 battery)
E1 - Tuya : my favourite TSO020 (uses 2 AAA batteries!)

Which one will last the longest?
Which one will be the most accurate (in terms of temperature)?
Is your favourite in the race?

On which horse do you put your money on?


Are C1 and C2 Xiaomi, or does Tuya just happen to sell things that look the same? I've used those and Sonoff in my fridge, just because they were cheap and I don't care if it broke them, but so far so good. Can't remember how long the battery lasted but I know I've had to replace each a time or two and settled in just the Sonoff since I moved the Xiaomi somewhere else. Also threw an Aeon AërQ in there recently despite the fact that they are the exact opposite of cheap but I happened to have a spare and was curious since they take a slightly larger battery and might get better range at Z-Wave frequencie. For me, it's too soon to really say anything.

Curious how yours will work out!

Hello Robert:
C1 and C2 are NOT Xiaomi - however the following footprint was taken from the data page:

And, I seem to recall that "lumi" maybe a oem for Xiaomi.
I am not using any special repeaters for them, and if they "fall off" the mesh, they are automatically disqualified!

P.S. The Konke units are limited to 15,20,25 Zigbee channels (that you @aaiyar )!


When you get done with that...take a look at this:

This has been one of my most reliable ZigBee sensor installs and it's a hack with an analogue sensor. The ZigBee sensor itself is in a pretty awful temperature swinging garage environment as well, but at least I'm not having to deal with "freeze died" batteries and weak radio signals. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

....Breaking News....
In an exciting, last minute effort, a new challanger has emerged to "throw it's hat in the race".
The following is the picture of the new Tuya (yes, them again):
But, wait you say "Isn't that exactly like the C1 & C2?"
Yes, it looks the same, but the data fingerprint tells a different story:

Which prooves that this is indeed, a "dark horse entry"!

Who shall prevail in this mighty clash of the sensors?


Gets out the popcorn!

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Energizer makes some Litium batteries that I understand are not bothered by the cold… That could be a good option for this one.

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I use the Energizer Lithium "AA" on my door lock, and they are the best in our cold Canadian weather!


I’ll second that! I actually just changed to rechargeable Litium batteries in my external locks and it works great!

I've been using an iris v2 motion sensor in my basement freezer for about a year and it works reliably (surprising)

I have a number of these that I purchased from eBay some time ago. They are great - but unfortunately, you can't get them anymore!

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I use these in my fridge & freezers too. They work great for those of us that still have these in our arsenals. I wish they still made these.

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V1 motions and buttons work great also and are readily available.

A while back I picked up 20 for 50 bux on ebay... One of the guys here I think were selling tons of them

Same here. Both motion and contact sensors

Sadly I only got the motion sensors....

Sounds like you need an antenna on your fridge!

Well, either an antenna on the fridge or an antenna on the Hub - I'm hoping that the next iteration of the Hub comes with that built-in.

@jtmpush18 How's the challenge going, any updates? Any early retirements from the race? :smiley:

I'm itching for an update too, although I've been told to go to the Doctor & get a cream for it!

In all seriousness though; have there been any casualties? Are any still going strong?
It would also be interesting to know which battery brands fare better in the extreme cold.

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