Text to Speech

TTS posts all seem to be a few years old. Is there a newer answer on the most convenient way to get Text to Speech?
I have a C8 hub and an Echo but would be happy to buy an Ikea speaker.
I tried the Echo Speaks app but the different directions I saw along with my newbie-ness and I couldn't get anything to work. Is that still the preferred approach?


I’ve been using Echo Speaks for years now and it is still my preferred approach.

It should also work on Ikea/Sonos speakers as well as Google home devices. A way to use TTS on Home Pods has also recently been put in place, so there are a few options available.

I'm replacing my Ikea speakers and switching over to Apple HomePods using the Airplay Integration (Beta).

I see @Sebastien beat me to it.

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Was it ever the preferred approach? :smiley: This is all a matter of personal preference, and it's likely to vary for everyone. Of course, if you have Alexa devices, don't mind running custom code on your hub, and have a way to run the sever (on other hardware), it is a logical choice.

But if you want something built-in, the options are currently Sonos, Chromecast, or AirPlay. Of the three, Sonos (which Ikea Symfonisk speakers are compatible with) is the only one that is not considered beta if that matters to you. Personally, I'm using mostly Alexa (mostly via other means but also some with the below--read on), though I have a few things through Sonos (just don't like how it interrupts music) and have also experimented with AirPlay/HomePods (tempting, but there is a few-second delay that doesn't matter for a lot of things but is annoying for a few in my case). Again, your preferences may vary.

Alternatively, if you want to use Alexa but with built-in methods, you can create virtual devices on Hubitat. Expose these devices to Alexa via the skill, then create a Routine on Alexa "triggered" by that device and add TTS as an action there. The downside (aside from having to use a clunky and less powerful Alexa interface to create the automation...) is that this can only be done with phrases specified ahead of time, when the Routine is created, not arbitrary text from a rule or other app on your hub.


Thanks all for the fast replies. I like to avoid the word Beta, and I see a nice video telling me how to integrate the Sonos. I'll get one ordered.