TankUtility monitoring (app and device)

TankUtility Monitoring

Updated: May 18, 2020

  • Bug fixes, and cleanups
  • added to packageManager

For monitoring your propane tank using TankUtility


Create application and Configure (will ask for your tankUtility information)

  • application will create the child devices from the installed device code

Application will graph tank levels over time (as data is collected)


This device has had a recent update with some fixes.

Thanks! I have been using this for a few months now, and it has been flawless. Thanks for the helpful app.

Some new fixes have been posted. Also adding to packageManager.

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Would this work with the Generac-branded version of TankUtility?

I don't know (don't have one), but you can try it

I don't even have a tank, yet, lol. Is TankUtility the best? I have a standalone monitor for my oil tank, and it's very convenient to look at the gauge in the kitchen.

The question to tankUtility / generac is the API the same (and endpoint in tank utility), is so it likely would work.

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I use it with the Generac branded version, works perfectly.


@david22 @nh.schottfam @neonturbo

Maybe one of you knows the answer to my question, though it's not likely since you'll only probably set it up once and then forget about it. Goodness knows I can't get through to TankUtility. Please don't bother slogging through the snow or anything like that-it'll work out.

I've just gotten it hooked up. Seems to work. Trying to force a reading. Manual is useless. I've found holding magnet until three lights to green kick off the aqua lights, with the upload light blinking and then going solid. Seems successful. But, app doesn't update. Should it? Haven't had it 24 hours yet.


It has been a while and I've mostly forgotten, but is info in your account on the TankUtility website updating?

My understanding is it updates once a day

Everything is good except for not showing the forced reading. I re-paired the wifi, and it updated the reading at that time. I guess I'm not sure what the forced reading is supposed to get you, and if it works. If it uploads a reading to the server, you'd think the website or app would show that reading, irregardless that it updates once a day. Time will tell, I guess.

I finally got through to TankUtility Support.

To force a reading, you just hold the magnet to the device for 2-3 seconds-just like the manual says-duh. Plus, at some point I put the unit to sleep and did not get a 24hr. update-duh.

Interesting that it logs the ambient temperature.

Next stop: The App!

App installed. I see the tank level and history from the app. Put a tile on dashboard with attribute = "level".
Anything else that can be done?

Just installed a Generac branded TankUtility monitor and this app yesterday... This is awesome!

I have had Amerigas for years with auto-delivery, and they let me run out completely last Monday. I suppose they should have come weeks ago when it got under 30, but I was not monitoring it, they were supposed to be. They still have not come to refill, and I got another company to drop off a smaller tank, which I am monitoring myself.

Really like that I can add it to the dashboard and keep track of it with the rest of my utility related items! Thank you!


Nice dashboard. One day I too...

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See there is a new update. What changed?

I changed it to be async I/O, so it lowers overhead on HE, plus some other optimizations.

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Oh I noticed something very minor that you might want to look into. When going to this app, and hitting the "propane level local" graph, there is a typo in the graph page title (tab name). It says "Tank Untility" I can't find the error in the app code, but I am not sure where to look exactly.


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