Tank Utility Driver

Created my first driver to monitor my propane tank up at our cabin. All it took was one winter running out of propane right after a foot and half of snow fell, to make the decision to start monitoring remotely. I wanted to have a gauge on my dashboard to to have some sort of indicator so that it was more obvious that it was getting low.

First time writing groovy, so that was a bit of an experience. I am not a UI expert so I am guessing this could use some major styling. Also my first time using SVG.

Enjoy. Not guaranteeing anything.


There is no App, only the driver.

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There is one already available

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What device are you using to monitor it?

Tank Utility. That is the whole name of the device and the app in the Play store.

The hardware is OK, but their app is way outdated. It does work though.

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