Tailwind or Ratgdo?

I have 2 garages with MyQ used on both with the use of their MyQ module

Ive read the recent MyQ woes.
The recent hubitat integration used with alexa still works on the Openning and Closing of both garages. I do NOT have the open or closed status setup yet.....been procrastinating. I was going to use the Ring Contact sensor for that portion of which it will tell me if the garage doors are Open or Closed

I have semi-followed and read the posts on the latest Tailwind device and Ratgdo.

Whats the consensus ?
Which is better to go with? Tailwind or Ratgdo ?

I would like to have all the bottom features incorporated into one.
Dashboard/Tile activation Open/Close
Open/Close status
Alexa integration

Thankyou in advance

I'd wager most folks here just use a basic relay (e.g. Zen16/17 or similar) and a tilt sensor (or other open/close indicator device) instead of a proprietary solution like Tailwind.

Ratgdo seems pretty new to the scene - I don't think there's much to glean yet experience-wise.


I'll bet the same. There's a myriad of z-wave and zigbee solutions that have been detailed over the years.


I would say the same thing. Why over complicate things when you can have a local Zigbee or Z-wave relay and tilt sensor without too much fuss.

The Ratgo is about the same price as a Zooz relay and tilt sensor, but there is a 3 week lead time according to the Ratgo page. I guess you are missing a couple features like door obstructed with the DIY/Zooz/Zigbee relay setup, but I am not sure those additional features are needed. I have never had a door obstructed issue anyway. And if that is a thing, your door needs adjusting or repair, but I digress. The Ratgo sounds cool, but until it is a bit more proven long term, and you know, available, l will withhold judgement.

The Tailwind while it sounds terrific to not even have to push a button it is (partially? fully?) cloud based, and that puts me off a bit. It also GPS tracks you -if you are against that for whatever reason. There isn't a subscription at this time, but that could change and if the server goes offline you lose (partial? full?) control over the door. It is also $90 for one door, which not a bad price for what it does, but is twice the price of what a DIY setup costs. To add full automatic, you need a $20 car sensor (each), and for an additional door you need a $30 adapter. So if I did my math right, that would be $160 for two cars and two doors. I admire what they can do with reliably opening and closing fully automatically, but the cheapskate and DIY in me lean toward the relay with tilt sensor.


All good relevant points and noted


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When I brought Hubitat several years ago, I brought it for one reason only is that I would never have to depend on cloud service to operate all my devices including my garage door.

Now I am at C8 and i am still happy never having to depend on cloud service. My garage door is operated using a zen relay switch and a tilt sensor. I also had to by a secuirty bypass switch where it trigger it open or close with it secuirty button since everything tha travel in two copper wires are digital now days.

I been set up this way since 2017 and I just only recently had to get a new tilt sensor because my old one was ball type sensor and it’s know to be sticky or get stuck between tilts. The newer one use electronic sensor so it’ll probably last for rest of my life.

It been flawless for me in last six years and now with Hubitat supporting Homekit make it even smoother to open with my iPhone.

Dump the clouds … Go 100% local!


Cloud Service is never a good thing

Thankyou for the reminder

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I bought a zen17 to run my 2 garage doors but at the time my mesh wasn't great and it wasn't working well so I replaced with a pair of shelly 1 relays which work the same way. I use reed switches mounted on the rail and magnets on the door frame to detect closed and I run all of it with the Zooz Garage Door app and it's been working without fail for over 2 years now. So there's yet another local-only option for you.


Thankyou ALL.....

I'm pretty sure that the Tailwind integration is local control.


How about the best of both worlds? I recently got a Zen16v2 and ordered some of the Tailwind pro hardwired contacts. Should make for a pretty solid system! Then I'll have to figure out how to re-create the proximity opening thing, and some of the other features such as "night mode" etc. Should all be doable.

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Those Tailwind sensors are impressively beefy, but a plain reed sensor works fine too.

I just use 3 of [these](7939WG-WH - Ademco Surface Mount Contacts (White) Amazon.com) (1 for GD full close, 1 for GD full open, and 1 for my service door (detached garage)). All wired up with 18-2 stat wire since it's a bit burlier than bell wire, but still cheap & easy to work with.

I've only recently wired up the service door contact since I installed my Z16v2 (love that thing!!), but the other 2 reed sensors have been humming along for years prior with my old Z17.

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Tailwind working great for me for 2 years.


I just installed the Zooz tilt sensor and a Zigbee relay control ( MHCOZY 1 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch) with a momentary switch option. I attached it to a dry contact remote; prewired. It works great. I have provided where to purchase everything below.


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:frowning_face: I guess Tailwind aren't selling the original contact kits anymore, (404 on their website) :point_down:
Too bad, a great design for a decent price.

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It is not that hard to just buy the parts yourself. That is why I listed what is needed to speed up others with this project.

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Just received and installed the ratgdo 2.5i board and I'm thoroughly impressed so far. I've got way more control over the door than before (using a ZEN17, 1 tilt sensor and 2 contact sensors previously) and it was a breeze to install.

I am running it through HA, so if you are as well, I highly recommend it. Alternatively, you might try the MQTT integrated app floating around here as well.

If I were ask for anything, it would be for him to go back to using boards compatible with off-the-shelf NodeMCUs. I have a bunch of those and could flash a new one in a pinch. Also, I have questions about the longevity of ESP8266s in general.

@harold.min i have written a driver for ratgdo on HE. I’ve connected it to a device today and I had to make a few adjustment but I think that after connecting it to my door this coming Monday, it should be gtg by midweek.

I’ll commit my latest changes tonight and you can try it tomorrow

Yep, I linked to it in my post :slight_smile:

I'm happy with it through HA, but I'm sure there will be a bunch of happy users here once they get theirs!

Mine came today too. Any reason to choose MQTT over ESPHome? Functionality wise it looks like they are exactly the same.