T6 Z-Wave Powersource

Our Honeywell T6 ZW is showing powersource as "battery" despite it being set up by an HVAC installer using C-Wire (24 VAC). Am unable to recheck the Power Source on the thermostat as it's a vacation home, miles away, but it definitely stated 24VAC powered when I last checked it.

Stat is responding and functioning perfectly.

Could this just be the app displaying wrongly or is it possible for the T6 to switch from AC to battery without warning (other than on power cut) ?

Depending on which driver you're using it could be just the app or not. The Resurrected version will set it to mains if it receives a power management notification event 1 (power applied) or event 3 (AC mains reconnected); it will set it to battery if it receives a power management notification event of 2 (AC mains disconnected) or if it receives a battery report.

Didn't know about the resurrected T6 Driver. Just installed it. Way cool. Thank you.

Thanks. Switched from Generic to Advanced T6 driver but cannot see powersouce in current states. How do I check powersource under this driver ?

Strike that... still reports * powerSource : battery

Did you hit Configure after changing the driver? If so, may need to wait a little bit for the device to report in (usually less than 30 minutes).

Okay, just done that. Will wait and see what reports.

Reporting powerSource : battery under the advanced driver (current states).

Have checked past logs and note that battery level (95%) only startrted getting reported 5 days ago - nothing prior to that. Very odd.

Can you meter your C-Wire? Your device page attributes should look similar to this
Oh btw you want to pair it without batteries installed, then after pairing insert the batteries.

Never really looked at mine but it looks a bit confusing as well.
Battery is 0 because I have no battery installed; I have a C-wire and still have the wrong powersource.
Just FYI

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I have 6 of these thermostats. One won't show Mains power no matter what I do. I have paired it a few times, with no battery installed, and it still shows battery. My other 5 T6's all show Mains power. No idea why.

Thanks, pretty sure that's what I had a few weeks ago when first set up.

Can't meter power line or re-pair in next few months but pairing with batteries removed makes sense now that I've re-read the manual.

Pairing without batteries also makes it a repeater...

Thank you to all.

I had a neighbour pop in a take a photo of our T6 screen (too complicated to ask them to unlock, excluded, remove batteries etc).

Can anyone running the T6 on BATTERIES tell me if the icon in the top right corner of the Tstat screen shows a small "x" (cross) next to the zWave connected icon ? The manual suggests that it should.

Our's shows normal "WIFI" type icon (with no "x") suggesting it may be pulling AC power - and it's the Hubitat app that misreporting.

No x just the normal…

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Ok thanks. Neighbour has now checked power source in the T6 menu and is states 24VAC. Also, I'm able to set the idle brightness to >0 which also suggests it's running on mains - despite the app stating "battery".
Will just keep an eye on the battery level until we get a chance to look into this properly.

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