System reboot

I will be departing my residence in Israel and returning to Florida next week. I presume the probability is high that my Hubitat will freeze over the coming weeks. What is the best way to have a periodic reboot.

Lots of ways to schedule a periodic reboot. While this app is no longer supported, it still works fine, and is easy to setup:


But seriously.... do you need to have your hub running.... Surely getting out safely is more important...?

Does it freeze often now?

Don’t feel unsafe here just left our dog in Florida.


That’s a reasonable question.

Personally, if I was going away for an extended time, and wanted automations to continue working in my absence, I’d probably setup a reboot schedule. Murphy’s law etc etc

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Sure it’s reasonable for contingency planning purposes, even if unlikely.

I’m try to understand better why the OP presumes it’s going to happen in his case.

@RebFiedler In addition to what @aaiyar , @thebearmay 's Hub Infomation Driver can be used reboot as well. Use time/date as trigger, write rule like this..


How do I download this app?

The hub documentation covers how to install custom code on your hub and is the best place to start:


Yes I did that but got nothing. What I pasted in was:

When I said to import I got zip

What exactly did you paste into the import dialog box?

I copied the link after the word “here”

Use this link to download the app

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Don’t know what that refers to.

But the key, as the link @aaiyar pasted demonstrates, is to copy the GitHub url for the “raw” groovy code you’re interested in adding to your hub.

If the GitHub url for custom code you intend to add to your hub doesn’t include “raw” text then you’re probably not using the right link.

To simplify the process of adding custom apps and drivers to your hub in the future, you can look into the “Hubitat Package Manager” app.

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I recommend kasa switches

1 They have their own app as long as wifi is up you can reboot them

2 they return to last state on power outages.

3 you can set schedules in them to say shut something off and turn it back on and this works even if wifi is down.


Have you installed Hubitat Package Manager? That would make it easier to install community apps and drivers...

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