Sylvania Lightify Under-Cabinet Zigbee Question

I'm curious if anyone is using these and how they are affecting your Zigbee mesh. It looks like they're no longer manufactured, but they are still available new online. They would be a perfect fit for my cabinets, but I'm reluctant to buy any older Zigbee devices.

UPDATE: I installed three of the Lightify under cabinet lights yesterday. They seem to make horrible repeaters based off the Zigbee Map app. Link quality shows bad for all three. Nothing seems to want to route through them, so it hasn't negatively affected anything. They're all connected directly to my hub with other repeaters further away showing better link quality. If they start to cause any issues I might consider leaving them on the C7 hub and purchasing a C8 to move everything else to.

I've been using the power module as a usb switch/dimmer for years now. No problems with HE. IIRC, the fixtures are 20vdc not the usual 5vdc usb.

I have a few Lightify products on my mesh without issue. I am using Flex RGBW and the Outdoor Accent Lights RGB, per the HE drivers.

These were manufactured by LEDVANCE, which later made some items for Sylvania. I also have some strips on a separate Lightify gateway and use the community integration to bring them into HE. This has worked fairly well but these strips are only used for white and are on/off for cabinets and closets.

It's been a long time since I set this up but if I remember right the devices made by LEDVANCE were ok to add to the mesh and anything made by Lightify wasn't. I pulled up my Amazon orders but it looks like I purchased some of these items elsewhere.

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I have the Flex RGBW lightstrip(name back then) as well and it has been rock solid. I've had mine since October of 2016. They are manufactured by LEDVANCE. The in/out numbers on the childroute are always bad. But, on occasion I see items routing through it. It has caused no issues in my zigbee network. I have vague recollection of an issue way back when. I dug up the controller and updated the firmware. No issues since.

I'm not sure you can update firmware anymore. I have a couple that say there is new firmware but they never update.

You could always go with a gledepto controller and separate light strips. That's what I will do the next time I need to add one. I'm finally out of extra radioa

I have one of SYLVANIA Smart ZigBee Flex Strip, RGBW Full Color and Tunable White Starter Kit strips. Purchased in April 2018. I use it as illumination along the door in a small pantry closet. In its previous life it was a bias light attached to the back of a TV. At least five years old and has cycled through C5, C7 and C8. Problem free. I did pitch my Sylvania RGB bulbs. It appears that it does not repeat any of my other ZigBee devices but I have lots of repeater options.

I've been using one for about 4 years now, on my C4, works no problem. Please share the link to them, I'd like to buy 2 more. Make sure they the complete set with controller, as I've seen plenty of extensions but those don't have the Zigbee controller. I also had the Flex lightstrip outside for 5 years before it died. The LEDs are still good but the zigbee controller didn't like all the dirt/rain/mud/snow/salt

I had my 2nd power supply finally give up the ghost on my outdoor garden spots about 6 months ago and replaced the power supply with this. It works great.

MEAN WELL original LPV-60-5 5V 8A meanwell LPV-60 5V 40W Single Output LED Switching Power Supply

Felt I should come back and throw in an update. The very day I posted about my 8 year old strips still going strong, I began to have issues, naturally. The strips were randomly coming on to the default CT as if there was a power outage. Nothing else seemed to be affected so it didn't seem to be house power related. Had some more issues, long story short, I had to replace the power supply and they are humming along again........for now.

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They're on Amazon.

Searching the same part number also shows them on eBay.

Thanks but the listing is confusing, it says includes "fixture" & "connecting cable" and I could have sworn the last time I ordered, I only got the fixture with an extension cable, but no Zigbee controller was included

EDIT- FYI that seller on Ebay is reliable, "kesn_8" or something like that. From time to time he gets loads of Lightify goods. Last I checked he had no Lightify items, looks like he found another abandoned pallet somewhere

I'm not sure what a Zigbee controller is. The fixture has a Zigbee radio, so I just connected them directly to Hubtat.

Are you certain this device doesn’t have zigbee radio and LED driver built-in?

Here's the 18 inch Ledvance 3-fixture kit I ordered in 2020. The controller is shown in the pix.

I'm guessing that this is an add-on slave fixture for the old kits but if it has a built-in controller that'd make it worth cannibalizing.

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After reading reviews of this one and the 24" model -71150- It does sorta-kinda look like this obsolete fixture series had a built-in zb controller. Gotta know. On order.


The ones I use always had an external controller. It would be nice if it was integrated, but I haven't seen that

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wait, so you only had to supply power and it connected to HE? And you don't have an existing controller box you connected it to? If so I'm buying one right now

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I didn't buy that exact one, but I do have three of them in different sizes with boxes marked the same as that one, and they all paired directly to HE.

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