Sylvania Lightify Motion Sensor


I got Sylvania Lightify Motion Sensor (zigbee). When i pair it then it will pair as Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor. I switched it to a generic zigbee motion sensor but i still get a status unknown. What i am doing wrong here?


I've got three working. I had trouble with one of them and had to reset it. For some reason it doesn't like to pair with a different hub if it was previously paired.

You can reset it by holding down the button for at least 10 seconds.


After pairing mine and switching drivers, I hit the configure and refresh buttons. Current states populated just after the first motion.


Don't recall having to change mine from Contact to Motion sensor, but all replies here make good sense. Reset, pull the battery for at least 10 seconds and use the configure button after pairing and setting to the right driver type.


So here is what I just tried

  1. remove from hubitat
  2. hold down button for 10’secs. Got a flashing blue light
  3. discover devices
  4. finds zigbee contact sensor
  5. back to devices and select it
  6. change from generic zigbee contact sensor to generic zigbee motion sensor
  7. save
  8. configure
  9. refresh

Then nothing changes. No lights on motion sensor nothing seems to respond


That motion sensor won't detect anything for 45 seconds after motion is first detected. Do you see "active" in Hubitat preferences? Wait 45 seconds with no motion and you should see inactive, then be able to trigger it active again.


I get status unknown. Never got it to change from that


Try the factory reset again, but this time pull the battery afterward. I've found some zigbee devices simply will not completely reset if the battery is not pulled after the reset procedure.

Also, try perhaps giving a little extra time after the device is discovered before clicking Save. Perhaps it is not fully completing the pairing.


That did it! Thanks for the help!


In smartthings this motion sensor also has buildt in temp sensor.. is this working in HA?


yes, it does report the temperature.


I'm currently in somewhat continuous transition mode, IRIS to Smartthings for a month, now Hubitat. I added two of these Sylvania motion sensors to Smartthings when I made the transition there, and had a lot of issues then pairing them with Hubitat, because they didn't want to go into pairing mode.

What I found it that holding the button for 10 seconds doesn't cause it to un-pair from it's previously paired hub, and removing the battery alone after holding the button for 10 seconds doesn't put it in pairing mode.

I had to hold the button for 10 seconds, then remove the battery. I then installed the battery while holding the button in. The sensor glowed an orangeish color for a few seconds. As soon as the orange color went away I let off the switch and now got the blue flashing LED indicating pairing mode, and they easily paired.

The sensor does report temperature.