Sylvania Bulbs- new kid on the SOC block

Prompted by a sale on Amazon, I grabbed 4 Sylvania Smart+ Zigbee bulbs for 11 bucks. Upon examining the bulbs I noticed the FCC ID has changed. Doing some investigation I discovered the microcontroller inside is no longer a Marvell 88MZ100 (FCC ID DZO-IQHOME), but rather an EM3555 (FCC ID DZO-LDV-AETHER). Went to FCC to lookup details but couldn't find any(looking for a decent size buffer). I do know my gardenspot lights have the same FCC ID and seem to be a very good repeater.

So I'm wondering is it still a horrible repeater, like the earlier Osram bulbs Or has Sylvania learned its lesson?
Tried to find details on EM3555, but wasn't successful.
Let's see if I can screw up my mesh with these new bulbs :smile:


I bit on the same sale. I bought a bunch of the RT 5/6 Recessed Lights though when they were 11 each. I'll let you know what I find out. Maybe we'll get lucky.

They are probably using this family: EM35x Zigbee Thread SOC / NPC - Silicon Labs

Thanks, followed the link, but don't see any chip with designation 3555. On what I could find I also don't see the end device timeout period specified. For me might be easier to just setup a test with a new bulb and a Xiaomi sensor, and see what falls off.

I found one hit for a Silicon Labs EM3555 on a distributors site but there was very little information on it. But a Zigbee stack was certified for it a while ago:

EM3555 - Similar to the EM3588 with 512kB Flash and 32kB RAM, but the EM3555 has 21 GPIO.

It is probably a custom part for Ledvance or you need an NDA with SiLabs to get any info. Here is a link to the family that is mentioned in the Zigbee certification: But assuming you found the code for the Zigbee stack and the device timeout was OK for Xiaomi devices it doesn't mean Ledvance didn't change it for some reason. Or they might have their own Zigbee stack.

Yeah, I was thinking proprietary stack also. Ledvance is of no help, just get the runaround.
I moved all my sylvanias to ST, until I have time to stabilize other stuff, then I plan to move over a new smart+ bulb and pair a previously stable xiaomi sensor to it and observe

Well well well.... Based on my 3 week duration test. I paired one of these new bulbs to ST, then proceeded to pair a xiaomi flood sensor in that same small food pantry in the basement. Everything has been solid for around 3 weeks. I expected the flood sensor to fall off, but it did not.

I also added one of the new BR30 bulbs to my hubitat mesh, and it has not knocked off any of my xiaomi devices, most of which are in the same room.

TLDR-the newer bulbs seem better, at least for me

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