New firmware for Sylvania RGBW lights

I didn’t see any mention of this, but there has been a firmware update for the Sylvania RGBW A19, BR30, and RT5/6 on SmartThings. The new version is 102428. I wasn’t able to find any information about it, but updated my lights a few weeks ago and everything has been working well. I haven’t had any devices drop off the mesh since the update. I also noticed that I am able to set CT on these from 1501 to 7042 now. I don’t think they would go that low before.

Is it possible they stopped it from trying to be a repeater in this new firmware? I wonder if there are updates for other Sylvania/Lightify devices as well. I guess ill be digging out the old ST hub and take a look. Bummer, I thought id seen the back of it.

They didn't stop them from repeating. It seems like they show up in the neighbor table entry page now more than ever, but I'm not having any issues so go figure.

I just know I tried pairing an Osram branded RGBW and there weren't any updates for them. I did update RGBW A-19, BR30, and RT5/6 lights that were Sylvania/LEDvance branded.

I'm not convinced the newer Sylvania Smart+ are a problem.

I got some of the newer bulbs based on the FCC ID and they seem to work fine. I'll have to pair them with Smartthings and see if they update.

Yes, mine all updated within 5 mins of being paired. Make sure you have OTA allowed in ST settings
latest firmware for BR 30 * Target Version: 0x00102428

latest firmware for A19 RGBW, I can't see cuz they're currently on Hubitat, but those updated also when initially connected to ST, for just the purpose of updating them

It is the same firmware for all three types of bulbs that I updated

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