Switching from Wink to HE

Hello everyone, I just made the jump from Wink to Hubitat. I'm having an issue getting the wink hub into exclusion mode, does this mean I will have to factory reset all the switches or is there another way? I appreciate any help. Thank you

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No problem. If you put the Hubitat hub into exclusion mode (Discover Devices from 3 vertical dot menu in upper right corner of Hubitat web pages, Z-Wave, Start Z-Wave Exclusion), then put the device into exclusion mode (depends on device specifics), you will see an “Unknown Z-Wave device Excluded” message.

Welcome! I came from Wink (via 2 weeks on SmartThings) as well. You will enjoy Hubitat. The community is friendly and helpful.

Be aware that you are building a new mesh that will run alongside the Wink mesh, so, initially, the Hubitat mesh will be weak. Build it from the hub out.

How to Build a Strong Z-Wave Mesh


Ok, I'll have to look up the manuals for the switches to see how to put them into exclusion mode. Thank you for the help.

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The Hubitat Documentation has join/reset directions for a large library of commonly-used devices:



Oh wow, thank you very much.

stupid question, should I shut off the wink hub before doing any of this?

There are no stupid questions. Really doesn’t matter, because the Wink hub isn’t in Exclude or Include mode, so it won’t try to capture the device. Doesn’t hurt, though.

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Ok thank you. So far I tried to add the ge toggle switch and I wasn't successful. I'm trying another switch now, see if I have better luck.

So its something I'm doing wrong with that toggle switch, I tried a different switch and I got it to pair on the first shot.


The Hubitat hub may need to be close to the device. I don’t have any of those switches - all of my lights and fan switches are Lutron Caseta except for several GE/Jasco Smart Motion Dimmers and Switches.

The lutron switch paired up first time, so far the two ge switches are not cooperating. Funny thing is the lutron switch is the farthest away from the hub.

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Maybe I'll just order a leviton fan dimmer and a leviton switch and get rid of the ge stuff.

You may want to also take a look at what Inovelli has to offer. They have a pretty neat switch that combines the fan and light dimmers into one switch.


The LED on the Inovelli (Red) devices is also configurable, so it can be used to notify you of things like the garage door opening, etc.


Its two seperate switches, one is a fan dimmer, the other switch is connected to a relay that turns my whole house fan on and off. I'll try a few more times, but it doesn't seem promising. The leviton switch I have paired easy and the first time. So I might just stick with them to replace the two GE switches that aren't cooperating. I appreciate the help


I also recommend getting the hub very close to the GE switches for excluding and including, some members of the forum leave their hubs plugged in with PoE adapters and long Ethernet cables for this specific purpose. I typically shutdown my hub and move to a close location and then do exclude/include. I am in the process of removing some of my old ge z-wave (non plus) switches/dimmers and replacing with inovelli parts.

So if I try that, would the switches still work when I put the hub back in the room I'm gonna have it in? Also what happens if I unplug the hub? Do I have to do some sort of save procedure? Because maybe I'll give it a try, the switch for the whole house fan is in my attic, I got the GE one cause it was cheap, I wasn't looking to put a 50 dollar switch in my attic lol

Yes, my range has always been better during normal use than during include/exclude (though I don’t know if this is normal). You shouldn’t need to do any save or backup, simply shutdown in the settings and wait for the light to turn red. When you have all the devices joined you may want to do a z-wave repair with the hub back in its final location.

Ok, I'll give that a try in a little bit, I'll report back. Thank you again for all the help.

I made the switch from wink to HE when wink first announced their subscription model last year. i just ripped my wink out and put HE in. I followed the reset instructions on Join and Reset Instructions - Hubitat Documentation and it went smooth for me. I did a bunch of GE/Jasco switches as well, all went without issue.

If doing the exclude doesn't work, just do the reset on the switch and you should be fine.

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I switched for the same reason. The two switches in quesion, don't have a factory reset option. They say to put the controller into exclusion mode. The leviton switch had a factory reset.