Switched from Wink to Hubitat

When wink had their last major outage I ordered a Hubitat. But just after I got it wink came back on line and I didn't want to hassle with it even though wink had a subscription fee and Hubitat's was optional. So after Wink was out for 5 days this time i decided to take my Hubitat out of the box and switch over. Initially, I had a problem because its status light stayed blue and never turn green. thus i could not connect to it. Once I changed my router to reserve an IP address and rebooted my router I was able to communicate with it and set it up. The setup and switching over was much easier than i expected. Since Wink's servers were down i could not go into exclusion mode. I was able to use Hubitat's exclusion mode to switch each device over one at a time. it only took a 1-2 mins for each device. re-creating the automatic on/off of my lights was a breeze. OMG I can't believe I didn't switch over before. Much nicer and Free. I also really like that all the automation and info resides locally. I'm very impressed. Works great.


Wink refugee from two years ago and haven't looked back. You will be very happy you finally made the jump!


Thanks. It's been 2 days and I'm already super happy about the move.

Look at these rules of thumb too

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Wink -> ST -> Hubitat refugee here. Third time's a charm. My setup still has cloud dependencies (alexa mostly) but boy am I ever happier.

Some good reading, even if you came from another zwave or zigbee platform:




I did use the Hubitat for exclusion but only after realizing i couldn't use Wink which got me thinking that it didn't matter what device sent the exclusion signal/command. I did not know about the z wave stack setting.


Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.


Be sure to check your z-wave details page for ghosts


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Please check your z-wave page in settings and check to see if there is a update firmware button. If so please do that


Same situation here. Except I don't think this is an extended outage. Their entire DNS is down, which indicates to me that they have "left the building". I got no notice of this happening, and the icing on the cake, was that while the company appears to have packed up, they STILL BILLED ME for July-August 2022.


Dispute the charge..

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Yes, dispute the charge WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD ISSUER.