Switchbot Curtain

can someone help me setup my switchbot curtain. i have tried every which way that i know of to make it open when the illuminance is over a set amount and or pushed by a button on the dashboard but i cant figure it out. i got alexa doing it but want a bit more control

You can use Echo Speaks to send the Alexa voice commands to device. I do this with my Leviosa shades.

I use a virtual shade in HE and when I change it my RM rule will send the appropriate command to Alexa to open or close the shade.

Or check out this thread.

how do you get HE to send the command?

This is the routine I use to send the command to an Alexa device.

My shade routine fills the global with the command I want to send.

i.e "Alexa, raise dining room shade."

This is using Echo Speaks, which you will need to install. It's available in HPM. It's not the easiest thing to setup and get working but once you do it's great. The install from HPM is easy, but setting up the Heroku server which you do manually can be a bit tricky for some.
The Alexa device you send to will respond as if you spoke to it. So if you don't want random phases spoken in the bedroom while someone is sleeping use a device somewhere out of the way. In my case I have a dot in my garage.

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I made a Hubitat integration that interacts with SwitchBot using their cloud API. Here's a link to the discussion on that, in case it is useful: SwitchBot gets an open API! - #17 by tomw . I supported several built-in device types, so using it natively in Rule Machine (or other apps) is a possibility.

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