Support for Zooz ZEN20 power strip?

I have my Hubitat hub, but not ready to remove my Zooz power strip from my Vera hub unless I know it will work in Hubitat. I want to be able to control each plug individually.

I’ve got three Zooz power strips. One paired easily, the other two I can’t get to pair at all. If anyone has an idea on that, let me know. Of the one that did pair, I set the device to the Aeon Smart Strip and it does provide control over four of the outlets. I’ve not yet had the time to try to move any DTH code from ST yet.

I have a Zooz Zen20 Power Strip that I cannot connect to the Hubitat Hub. I imported the Zooz Zen 20 Smartapp and change it a little but still no luck, anyhow when I try to pair my Invellio zw37 it show up as the Zooz Powerstrip device and I had to change the device to the correct driver. I try again after that to install the Zooz Power Strip but no luck. It pairs just fine in the Smart Things Hub. Wonder why it not pairing with the Hubitat?

I was struggling to get my Zooz Zen20 power strips to pair. I figured that maybe I hadn’t excluded them correctly from the ST hub so I followed the reset instructions in the supplied paper owners manual. (Why I still had that piece if paper handy was odd. Usually I lose those things.) It turns out that the supplied instructions are wrong. Searching on the web I found different instructions. Once followed the power strip paired easily.

@btbauma can you share these instructions?

Sure. The manual here has the correct instructions that worked for me.

@btbauma thanks for the info.

What about the ability to control each switch separately?

The Aeon Smart Strip driver does control four of the five outlets separately, which has been enough for me.

Here's the latest version of manual, which is not helping me.

Zooz ZEN20 Power Strip User Manual v2

Have you done a factory reset of the device as instructed in the manual? Have you excluded the device from HE? This needs to happen no matter what’s Zooz device you are pairing...even if brand new. You must exclude from HE for it to pair correctly. Zooz issue not HE.

It finally worked! Apparently the pushing of the Number 1 button 1-2-3-HOLD for 10 Seconds, isn't the most effective reset one can do. I did the Unplug, HOLD Button 5, Plug in, Count to 5, let button go. and it worked!!! Thanks!!!!

Can someone with this strip and/or the ZEN25 units tell me if there is any voltage let though.

I had this problem with the older Leviton stuff that a LED strip would still light up dimly when off.

I see no bleed through or any visual indicators of a low voltage parasite current related to those indicators. I attached an image of the ZEN20 strip in both configurations.


I agree. I went ahead and bought one. an LED strip that never quite turned off on an old Leviton appliance module is completely dark on the zen 20 v2

Well after melting one of the tuya strips I ordered one of these. It was up and running in about 5 minutes. Looks nice. Seems to respond well. Stock driver. Thanks again hubitat team.

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Worked for me after official (doc) inclusion/exclusion didn't work.
But had other problems (fixed):

after device was found, I was able to control the outlets but didn't have blue lights on when triggered. After tests:

  • disabled manual control: blue lights when triggered: OK
  • switched on/off several time the parent device: OK
  • enabled manual control: blue lights when triggered: OK

Now, all is as expected: manual mode is ok (with lights), automatic mode is ok (with lights).


Mike - is there anyway to have the of the power consumption respect the log enable on/off? These Zooz power strips just flood the logs with info. If you use 3-4 of them like I do it isn’t too long that your history is recycled and other more important devices and history is wiped out.

You can play with the advanced settings to decrease the number of reports sent by the strips. These are essentially 8 different devices in one (master, 5 child nodes, and 2 USB ports) so with 3 of them you're looking at 24 power meters :slight_smile: There options to decrease reporting frequency for the strip though if you don't need detailed monitoring.

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