Support for Schneider Wiser products?

I have now added the latest version of the driver to HPM.


For these of us who have already installed it manually, please try to use the HPM "MatchUp" function first.

If 'Match Up' does not work for some reason (it happens sometimes in my environment), you may end up with two drivers named '"Zigbee Button Dimmer".

First, find the devices that are using this driver by filtering for 'Zigbee Button Dimmer'

Then, for each device, manually change the devices that use the old driver to the new one installed via HPM and then delete the old one.

Finally, delete the old driver : ( it has an older 'Last Modified' time stamp) :


HPM 'Match up' did not find the Zigbee Button Dimmer. Please advise.


Delete the manually installed driver and install it again using HPM.

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I assume it is the 3.0.6 version using the same URL as above?

I got an error in HPM stating 'Invalid Package File'. It worked manually.

PS. I am still having difficulties connecting the button. I can easily get it to flash green with 3 clicks but it will not reset with 4 clicks. Id does not connect with 3 clicks so I assume it is because it was connected once before and it needs a reset. I have asked the electricican to bring another example of the button just to verif that it is nothing physically wrong with the button I have, It might be a few days before he comes around witht he new button and I can test it.

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I think that I found and fixed the HPM 'Invalid Package File' issue (it was a typo in the repository file).

This weekend I migrated my old C-7-DEV hub to a new C-8-PRO, and I also had a hard time pairing the Schneider Wiser button. It is obligatory that the device is factory reset when moving between hubs.

The reset procedure that worked for me is - 4 clicks, the first 3 are short and the fourth one is long - you must keep the upper right button pressed until you first see a short green flash around the 5th second and then all the LEDS should start flashing red after the 10th seconds.

Then, the three-clicks procedure puts the device into pairing mode with the new hub,

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Thanks for sharing Krassimir. In my case I think there is something wrong with the button (I have the single version with only one button). The electrician came by with a new button today and it lit up as a christmas tree :slight_smile: This button has bright lights whereas the first one I used, besides never showing any red light, I had to sitt in a complete dark room to see the faint glow. The new one connected instantly and found the correct (your eminent) driver. I did a quick test now just before dinner and it worked well with a simple toggle on off rule. Brilliant Krassimir! Many thanks!

What functionality is implemented in the driver? 99% of the time I am happy with the ability to toggle on / off, but is there support for long press and or double click? What number of buttons are supported?

This is potentially a biggie as it seems to open up Schneider Electrics Exxact Wiser range of products. Have you had a look at them? If one is unlocked, do you think more of them could be unlocked? Are you using any other SE Wiser products @SamuelS ?

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Currently, the driver supports pushed, held and released button actions.

For some other types of buttons it also supports a dimmer simulation - the level attribute automatically ramps up or down as you hold the upper or the lower button pressed down. You can use the HE inbuilt app ‘Mirror’ to control one or more dimmable bulbs as example…

Are you interested in dimmer simulation?

Ah, thanks. Excellent.

At the moment, no to be honest. Besides turning lamps on and off, I tend to use buttons for executing rule machine rules. On one off my other buttons, I use single click, double click and hold. For example, single click on the bathroom fan button executes a rule that turns the fan on and automatically turns it off when the humidity is back at 40%. Double click turns the fan on for an hour and then turns it off. Long press turns the fan off. I use it as a back up for a motion sensor in the shower that normally controlls the bathroom fan. Would support for a double click be an option to implement? I guess pressing once in different corners of button, if that would work, could service same purpose (even though it might be less practical to other family members to learn).

Your model supports long press only (followed by a ’released’ event). It is made to be used for dimming lights.

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I just have the switches. I have Schneider Exxact products elsewhere in our house, but not any more Schneider Wiser "smart" things.

For other things I'm using ordinary Tuya parts, which can be hidden in structures. I think I will have more questions later for @kkossev when I get into my 0-10V dimmer, which should be used to control AC.