Support for Honeywell Home WiFi Thermostats (formerly Lyric)

Hi driver Gods of Hubitat, do you have any plans to support "Honeywell Home" WiFi Thermostats (formerly Lyric) on your great Hub?

If not can you please add it to the dev pipeline? I would be happy to beta test the driver on my D6 Pro.

Honeywell Home Open API

Yessir, I would support that request. The D6 Pro is the only thermostat that I have found that properly handles the LG products.

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Are there any updates on this? I've got a Honeywell Smart WiFi thermostat. RTH9585WF1004 I believe is the model number. I'd like a means to integrate it into Hubitat to be able to work some more automations. More data is much better than less.


This driver won't work with your t-stat. I have a similar model to you. Honeywell hasn't opened up our thermostats to third party apps yet.

Your best bet is to use the csteele driver that was mentioned for you in another thread. Just don't poll too often and it will work. I use it everyday to set/reset the honeywell when we leave the house. PM me if you need help.

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I think you've got what I am going for.... Turn the temp UP about 3 deg or so when we leave, and stop the ceiling fan automations / turn off the fan controllers. The dog & cat won't mind. I keep the house kind of chilly. I am not a native of the tropics I live in. (Yes Houston Metro is in the tropics....). Both pets are short hairs and I plan on keeping one fan going close to the pet beds...

Another option is possibly Alexa actions if I could get mode status into the Alexa app. I know not the cloud free optimal, but if it works, it's not a critical function.

My request has been granted and it took me till now to notice!