Super Random Lofty Slowness (MS, Groups, Zigbee)

So touch wood my system has been so good lately that it really has faded into the background (WAF high as im not "wasting time" fixing something that should "just work").
But lately things have been super random - specially zigbee motion sensors turning on "groups" quickly.

Example 1
Walked into my robe and the MS fired (green led on zigbee MS) and nothing... Count out the seconds, get to 6 seconds waiving my hands like a madman... light comes on (single xiaomi bulb in a group).
walk out of the robe, come back 5 minutes later - robe light comes on instantly.

Example 2
walk down the hallway, turn into the second bathroom - green led on zigbee MS fires, 3 seconds later the bath and toilet light come on (hue bulb and xiaomi).

Typically what I have been doing is if this happens, is going back and updating the group to a 2.1, but surely that cant be the issue.

I have the zigbee routing tablet up now and then and 99% of the zigbee devices are bouncing off the 4 powered repeaters I have strategically placed in the house.

What kind of things can I try, look for, test ?

for example, example 1, close to 6 seconds before the light turns on, but then I cant repeat the test as the next time I walk in it fires straight away.

*My post is to try and find the issue so I can resolve it so the MS lighting works consistently with speed

How many hubs do you have again? Your zigbee devices are all connected to one and all your rules are on another, correct?

Hey Ryan,
just the one hub currently running the whole shebang.

What type of repeaters are they? What type of motion sensors are they? Just because the light goes on, doesn't mean that's when the device sent the signal to Hubitat, necessarily. Do you have logs from this period of time to show?

How many zigbee devices do you have?

With logs, you would be able to confirm if the the lag is due to the signal from the device or the hub. That is the first order of business. Because if the problem is the device, there is nothing you can do in Hubitat to fix that. You would need to look at the logs and see when the message was received from the sensor and then when the command went out to turn on the lights. You'll see entries for the initial MS, then the rule, then group, then the devices within the group.

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Yep - I have 4 of these repeaters

then i have these MS

I dont have logs as i would have to leave the log console open 24/7 as the slow response happens at random times.
Could I if I find a slow response then go and open "show past logs" would that work ?

I'd say I have under 20 zigbee devices in my system currently (iris MS, ST contact sensors, Xiaomi temp sensors and button)

No you wouldn't. You would just have to go back in and retrieve them for the time period that you have the slow-down.

And i have those motion sensors as well...And while i have seen a slight delay occasionally in reporting "inactive" (that can sometimes take a second or two) I have never seen them be "sleepy" that would cause a lag at the beginning.

At minimum you would have to reconstruct the sequence of events from the events listing to compare when the sensor report came in and the light command went out. Without that, there's no way to debug this as you wouldn't know where to look first.

So you mean "show past logs" or do you mean look at the device page and see "last activity" on the MS and "last activity" on the group/light that was fired ?

here is my routing table

The fans are Nue fan controllers

From looking at the routing table, example 1 and 2 i described above were regarding *Robe MS2 and *Front Bathroom MS

Looking at it again, I actually cant see anything repeating off repeater 1 and repeater 2 is MIA


The route table won't show us anything. Don't get too obsessed with this table. It is not the total router table for the hub.


Righto - next time I catch one i'll get the logs and return with the info!
thanks for the replies

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You can still look the events listing for your MS and your bulb and get an idea where the slowdown occurred. See what time the MS went active then what time the Light was turned on by Hubitat.

I have no trouble believing that the Zigbee switch you linked at could be the culprit . I am learning more and more that with home automation, it doesn't pay to be cheap. Save up until you can afford the good stuff. These are definitely not the good stuff. I almost purchased a couple myself. But i would not be surprised if they can have a long latency if they haven't been switched in a while.

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you mean the fans ? / we are pretty starved for Zigbee / Aus certified devices in general, not sure there are any other options to replace these ones. Happy to be corrected.

*pretty sure @jchurch is running 12+ Nue switches in his setup - not sure if he is running Iris MS though, I think he is running Xiaomi ones.

Fans? I meant the switch you linked to in post 3. The switch for the lights. Those are not Nue...they are non-branded.

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they are not connected to anything. I have them switched ON 24/7.
Would I be better to replace them with some ikea repeaters? (which are now in stock in aus)

What is the light that you are turning on?

the repeaters are on 24/7, they have no device connected to them.

My issue is the Iris MS LED firing when I walked in thee Robe or Front Bathroom and the delay between me entering, the LED firing (instantly) and the group/bulb turning on. As stated above the Robe uses a Xiaomi bulb in a group and the Front Bathroom is a pairing of a Xiaomi bulb and a Hue Bulb.
The Xiaomi bulbs are yeelights and run on wifi.

I don't know how those switches do at repeating. I'm sure they're not Zigbee certified, so we can't look them up. The listing doesn't say if they are ZHA 1.2 or ZLL or Zigbee 3. So, no way of knowing if they'll have a chance to be good repeaters.

But in general, you can leave the switch inside the repeaters off. There's no need to have current flowing through them if you don't have to.

I have no idea how those perform but let me ask you this, do you ever have an issue where a website takes a second or two extra to load on your phone? Wifi is great but there's a reason it's not used for High End lighting setups.

Would I be better to replace them with ikea repeaters, or, add ikea repeaters to my setup ?

i'll turn those repeaters off but leave them powered, thanks for that heads up.

loading websites on my phone?, I barely do it. Id rather sit at the PC with a wired connection.
I agree the wifi bulbs are not the best option, I slowly went that direction when I was hubless running all the skills through my echos and they supported the bulbs and they are typically cheap.
If I did it over again, I would probably go Hue, but the comparison here in Aus is a Hue bulb can be $90 and I was getting the Yeelights for around $20.
They are problematic here and there but for the most part have been solid enough to cause me little grief.

Sorry the only Iris sensor I have is the v3 keypad, for motion I only have Xiaomi.

I have no idea. My point is, I don;t know for sure that these are good repeaters. And since your problem is intermittent, that leads me towards device not hub. Hub problems usually don't get better on their own. If you have having some type of hub issue, I wouldn't expect a very laggy automation to be followed 10 mins later by a very snappy one. If anything, I'd expect it to get worse.

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good point. I guess I have to go the aussie forum and see what the guys suggest.