Super basic Z-Wave parameter tool


yeah, that would work - just explicitly set both bytes...


I was suspicious of this when I noticed the issue occurred at the 1 byte to 2 byte boundary. :smiley:

I can confirm this worked.

As an aside: Since the Aeon/Aeotec Multisensor is an officially supported device with it's own official built in driver: Could we get support for changing the motion sensor timeouts directly via the official device driver, without having to use this "advanced" Z-Wave Parameter tool? The motion timeouts are a pretty basic setting that a lot of folks might need to change and not everyone is going to have the technical know-how to set up this tool and figure out the parameter numbers, size, values etc. It looks like Aeotec has a published Device Handler on Github that supports all the config parameters that they probably wouldn't mind Hubitat copying from. I was looking at porting it but it would be great if those features could just be added to the built in driver.

Just a suggestion / my two cents.

Thanks for helping me get this sorted!



@chuck.schwer @mike.maxwell

I went back and looked, and I've actually found a few places in my drivers where this issue breaks functionality. Obviously I can re-do the driver to work around it, per above.

Any thoughts on when the fix is going to come, though? I'm surprised, there are more devices that use size: 2 for small values than I thought.