Sunrise / Sunset Bug in

So after updating to, it appears a bug has shown up in the "Simple Automation Rules". My automations that use a sunrise / sunset trigger seem to be failing to run. If I go into them and manually run them, they work, but they just appear to be missing the trigger. When I look at the logs, I don't see the rule trying to run or the devices in question being triggered. I do however see the devices being triggered correctly from the Rule Machine.

Thank you for your help!

Here is what the rule looks like:

Can you post a screenshot of the App Status page for this rule, the portion where it shows Event Subscriptions. Also, please post a screenshot of your System Events log, from the main left side menu.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am not sure where the App Status page is?

Here are the system event logs that for some reason have a bunch of events from 2036.

![Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 11.06.45 AM|690x396](upload://eN


You can see that the system is sending the sunrise event. The App Status page is the gear icon in the app (upper right) on the gear left of the app name in the Apps list.

Oh, ok! Thank you. Please see below: I also included the logs from that tab too.

OK, I'm missing something. It sure appears to be turning them off at sunset. Pull up one of the Events for one of the switched (from top of device page). Show that.

The rule is running as it should, so if the lights aren't turning off we need to dig a bit deeper into that.

You can see from those logs that it stopped working around 7/20? But I only really noticed that it stopped after the last update.

Here are the other screen shots of what I think you are looking for from one of the switched devices. You will see that the strange 2036 Date in the first parts of the logs followed by the entries. I see the dimming events from rule machine, but not the events from the Simple Lighting Automation.

My suggestion is to remove that rule, and recreate it again. That should get it working again. I don't know about that 2036 thing, but it seems like something went off the rails.

So I noticed last night this is happening to rules in my Rule Machine as well. Looks like everything stopped working correctly on 7/19

See below:

Something is messed up with your hub. You should contact

Thank you! Will do!

Some of my rules have also not been working, and I got around digging more this weekend. I have the same exact issue.... looks like that a bunch of my rules stopped working on July 20th as well (07/20). I was going to post my case but then saw this thread, thus adding a few of my examples here itself. Suggestions for me @bravenel ? :

Well, looking further it into it. Looks like the event logging stopped on 07/20 for ALL rules, but some of the rules are working as intended. For example this rule most definitely fires every day:

despite the last recorded event date being 07/20 in the event logs

The app status page for this rule

It makes me feel a little better that I am not the only one. I have the same issue where all the logging stopped, but some still work, while others don't. I'm just curious, do you have any of the 2036 log dates anywhere like I do?

2.2.2 update came out on July 15th, and there were some bug fix updates in the days following. I wonder if any of those updates has anything to do with this weird thing that @Saber and @yashvind are seeing.

It would be interesting if either of you could remember when you did this update and if that was the cause of this.

Unfortunately, I do not exactly remember the date but I would generally update when I see there is a pending update, so if it came out on 15th, I would have done it within a few days of it coming out.

You could look in hub events and see when was the first time you booted with this firmware version, telling you the date installed.

If it goes back this far. Mine only goes back to mid-August, so maybe theirs will?

Could you please turn on the logging for at least one of the rules that's breaking? With version, logging became optional and turned off by default.

We'll get to the bottom of this...

Event logging became optional. You can turn it on in the logging section of a rule.