Summarising/charting motion detected

Hi There,

Does anybody know of a good way to collect motion activity throughout the course of a day/week and then produce a summary report?

I'm thinking this could be useful as I'm going away next week but will have builders coming in and friends round to look after the pets. While I don't currently have an operational camera (my hikvision one won't let me log in all of a sudden and resetting the password seems like a convoluted pain) I could use motion detectors to figure out when people are in the house at least.

Any recommendations?


You could use a webhook to IFTTT to report when sensors go active/inactive and record that on a Google Sheet spreadsheet. But That wouldn't tell you who was there.

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Done - worked brilliantly, thank you!

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FYI, I just ran into the daily rate limit for the Webhooks channel the other day. They don't say what the limit is, just that it is monitored and will turn off the applet if you go over their limit of calls per day.