Suggestions to replace dumb incandescent cabinet lights with smart LEDs

Brand new HE user here. My first hub ever. I have a little experience with X10 stuff from a million years ago.

In my kitchen, I have a 4-gang switch box that controls cabinet lighting. I'm looking for ideas/inspiration/best practices on upgrading to smart lighting.

The existing lights are all 110V.

I want to replace 3 different lights:

  1. Under cabinet. I think dimmable white LED strips here would be great.

  2. Over cabinet. Would prefer RGBW here. Bonus if I can make them dance to music, and do other party tricks.

  3. Inside Cabinet. These might be more problematic. 3 separate cabinets have existing puck lights. They run hot and the bulbs burn out frequently. Not sure what I want to with these, The wiring is really tight and inaccessible.

Here's a quick diagram of what's inside the switch box:

I appreciate all input!


Also- My first 3 devices are Z-Wave if that makes any difference.

This has nothing to do with your switch question since I'm not an expert on hardwired devices but I just switched some of my puck lights to use led bulbs which are now available seemingly for everything w/o modification of the ballast (or at least for three different types in my case). I made this switch and then put a zwave device on the plug since I was not hardwired. The difference in heat was fantastic.

Yup - I've seen the same, in my case "plug-in" LED replacements for flourescent lights. Makes things so easy...all of my flourescents in garage and utility room are now LED

The new Inovelli individually addressable LEDs could be what you're looking for. Not cheap, but they can do a lot of stuff. Not sure about the dancing part... :slight_smile:

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That's a great suggestion. Did you replace the whole fixture? Or was it some type of conversion?

I think he might mean something like these:

Fantastic! Easy pair with Z-wave dimmer.