Suggestions needed on automating Winix air cleaners

Last year I purchased 3 Winix air cleaners. I have asthma and these air cleaners have helped me a lot with easing allergies and my asthma. I would recommend these to anyone with respiratory issues. Problem is that the air cleaners are controlled by a panel on top and an infrared remote. I have one in the kitchen, living room and master bedroom. The issue is that I want to automate them but with only the IR remote HE won't work. I am looking for suggestions. I have a Harmony Hub, but it is in the family room and is too far from the IR blaster to the cleaners. I have put them on zigbee outlets but that only allows me to power them off. When the outlets come back on, they return power to the cleaners but it does not turn them on. I am in need of suggestions on how to automate them. Thanks

Not sure what kind of buttons they use (touch, tactile push, toggle, etc) but you might want to check out Switchbot.

I was hoping to use something that would be compatible with HE somehow. I don't believe that switchbot is compatible.

Remotec zxt-310 will work (z-wave to IR)

There is a custom/community driver for SwitchBot to work with Hubitat:

Discussion here:

The author @tomw posted in that thread 12 days ago so I assume still actively maintained and working.


Fwiw, there are working plugins for Winix air purifiers available for both Homebridge and Home Assistant, if you also have either of those running.