Suggestion: I need a 6-12 port power strip

I need 6, but the more the better. Thank you

how big do you want it to be?
I use several of these in my shop

I should have specified. I want a smart outlet

kind of figured :slight_smile: zooz has a 5 outlet strip it's the only one I know of

Nice … plus its 100% Cobre!!

I use a TPLink HS300. I went the WiFi route due to the fact if my hub (previous Wink user) went down, I could reboot it over Wifi (ZigBee/Zwave wouldn't be functioning) Pulling the AC is not advisable for HE (database corruption risk) unless the device is completely locked up (which hasn't happened to me yet). I also use it to reboot my Blink and Lutron hubs in the event they need a kickstart.

Yea, I’m ordering that one, I was hoping not to spend $80, but

While Wink is buying, :wink: does anyone know offhand if there is a driver for this $163 beauty?

It is apparently made in the USA, and has local network control via ethernet and wifi.

Never let a good emergency (Wink implosion) and the resulting WAF to make emergency HA purchases go wasted! The home network closet MDF needs some power re-organizing, and I might as well make it intelligent..... :japanese_ogre:


A little pricy but not bad … there is a TP Link integration on HE so you can add it to HE automations as well.

Only open issue is name length for the individual plugs. If you exceed about 90 characters total, it can cause an error. The error will pop-up on installation and ask you to fix. (Issue is the Kasa devices returns a message longer than can be handled by Hubitat UDP protocol. Only device that does that is the HS300 with all of those independent plugs.)

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I wonder what’s the prospects on this?
Inexpensive and 8 ports. U think a driver would be difficult?

From the Amazon page:

Smart Plug, Power Strip, AHRISE WiFi Surge Protector with 4 Smart Outlets and 4 Always on outlets and 4 USB Ports

So that doesn't meet your basic criteria, correct?

It does , perfect actually, I really only need 2 smart and 4 regular

try this, have 2 they work good


what about using a regular surge protector and using something like a zen25 on each plug

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Thx, the outlet look really close, I might have to use those mini extender for power bricks, huh?

depending on orientation of the power strip these might work well

11.50 per outlet.... about the same price as these

maybe just get 2 of those...

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Will depends on size of the brick. I'd say the outlets are spaced pretty good, I managed to get an adapter and a plug right next to each other. There cord on the unit is not 6 feet, maybe 4 or 5 feet.
The Zooz item outlet spacing is about the same or maybe a slight bit closer.

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Wow thanks, it’s those darn apple bricks lol. Well I ordered one, thx

I do. One was created for ST years ago that I ported over and improved since I own this web power switch. I bought it out of pure laziness at the time I needed to cycle my cable modem all the time and I grew tired of going into my “network” closet under my front stairs. This is a closet in a closet that my fat arse is hard to get through the narrow door. Happy to post it up next week if anyone is interested.

This is what it looks like:


FWIW, I just ordered one because it's Z-Wave (wish it was plus) and the price is right (6 outlets for the price of one of those Zooz 2-outlet cubes). I also added a 6-pack of 1-foot short extension cords, so that I can fan out all of the wall-warts that I need to plug in with no worry about outlet spacing.....