Stupid people

I sent a request to the business infrastructure support team at work to add several hosts to a security group. That group already has several firewall rules associated with it so I didn't need any actual firewall rules modified just group memberships. Well, the security group I listed for them to be added was at the end of a sentence followed by a period. So they created a new security group with the period in the name and added the hosts to that... Then closed out the ticket. These tickets have a 15 day SLA so this is a real pain in the ■■■ and they won't just go fix it. Told me to put in another ticket. /sigh


Just remember, the smarter you are, the more stupid folks you have to deal with. And the inverse it true as well :slight_smile:


Just wish there weren't so many of them. Almost all of the organizations I deal with I have level 3 direct contacts except for this one part of the organization. It's worse than dealing with sales reps.

But if there weren't so many of them it would suggest you were further down the latter.

One day I was leaving one of the finance folks office muttering to myself why an engineer had to show a finance person how to do their job (we were working on a large proposal). As I was walking down the hall one of the guys said to me in passing ..... "because you can". I found that both inspiring and frustrating but I understood and keep reminding myself of that concept to this day.

So which group do you want to be part of?


THIS exact situation happens to me about once a week. It drives me nuts! They have to do mass balance at the end of the month and daily mass balance for some other stuff up to the end of the month and they're always screwing it up.

So if you had the choice of being able to help them or not having the brains to help them.... which would you choose?

And if you have the ability to help you need to understand that what is frustrating you is the cost of being smart. So don't let it bother you, accept it as part of the "package". I finally did.

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I'd rather be a potato with their salary. Lately they've been laying off a bunch of people and dumping their jobs on me.


I also learned the hard way to always put the desired name between "quotes" and then remind to not include the quotes.... :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest, I am still waiting for that to go wrong also... :wink:

A guy I use to work with use to put the desired names between % and remind them not to include the % just to see if they would blow up their config for being dumb.


Bulleted lists FTW. Harder for people to misinterpret, although the other ways you guys listed are perfectly acceptable.

They'd find a way to stick the bullet in there. The real problem is they are entrusting their infrastructure to a bunch of kids strait out of school that just don't know any better.


Give them the bullet (maybe literally) if they can't get any of these correct. I'm thinking 9mm.

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Oh my word. I can relate, I'm going to remember this one. :rofl:

I was in IT for almost 35 years before I jumped to a new dept a few aisles away.

It's a modest sized shop--but, gotta say, having buddies you can chat with directly to get stuff done is the way to go (of course, returning the favor is mandatory). :slight_smile:


Sorry, but I have to make a grammatical correction.

In the phrase "stupid people," the word "stupid" is redundant.



I was in charge of Enterprise Backups before.

That's when they come in handy. :smiley:

Just LOVE that. :smiley:

another ticket /sigh. *


I had a boss that used to say:
Who's stupider - the people that messed it up, or those that trusted that they would do it right?

He thought he was hilarious, but I pointed out to him that only applies when you have a choice of who does the work...