Struggling to get IKEA GU10 bulbs added


Have a group of 8 high ceiling IKEA Tradfi GU10 bulbs that I am attempting to add to my C-8 hub.

Having very limited success. Have never managed to get the Hub to recognised all 8.

In stages I have got up to 6 recognised through resets and re-adds but not reliably functioning.

Have tried using the brand and bulb route, the generic route the 3.0 repeater route, the clear route. Nothing appears to work.

Is there a trick I am missing.

BTW adding the bulbs one at a time would be onerous. They are distributed across a large area which is high up and has furniture below it.

Thanks in advance.

I only have one IKEA GU10. Do you have a Zigbee repeater in the room?

I am using the ‘Advanced Zigbee Bulb’ driver.

Can’t really offer a suggestion other than get the ladder.

Not aware of a Zigbee repeater but perhaps something is acting as one.

I think I am going to connect the Ikea bulbs to an Ikea gateway and double check that they all have fully updated firmware before getting the ladder out.

Not a great start to using the Hubitat. Was going to migrate over from SmartThings hub. Was sold on the local vs cloud concept. Also thought it might be a more reliable and solid platform. It certainly has a huge amount of configuration options and tweaks that can be applied. Little point in having that amount of control if devices cannot reliably or consistently connect to it.

Handling the IKEA bulbs with all their specifics and oddities is definitely not the strongest part of Hubitat.

I keep mine connected to a Hue bridge, its working rock solid for more than 2 years now, using one of the community integrations ( CoCoHue)

All I did was put the bulbs in pairing mode (power them off and on 6 times quickly) and Hubitat picked them up immediately. Mine work fine with the Generic ZigBee Bulb driver, but I don't have any control over the color temp unfortunately until I find a driver that supports that feature.

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