String manipulation in RM?

I did look at the docs, nice job there.
What string manipulation is possible in RM?
Length of string?
Looking to append to a file and read from a file the first XX characters to send them to notification device.
Need to keep track of the number of characters in the string to notify.

Notification needs to be Chromecast.
Append string to file in format?
"!XX!this text that is XX long"
Read from file !XX! for length
Read from file next XX characters
(Or string "slicing" in RM)
Token manipulation using ! as delineator to extract the string.

I am using @thebearmay 's file device for access to the file
Mostly looking for how to determine the length of the string that is in the Que for deletion after Chromecast.

Or an easy way to have a Que for TTS?

Thanks for looking!

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