Strange behaviour in motion lighting app since fw upgrade

I've noticed that some of my lights were no longer switching on occasionally using the motion lighting app. I switched on logging and it showed this:

So it clearly thinks the lights are already on...

However both dashboard and device say otherwise:

I can temporarily fix this by switching the device on and off and service is resumed until the next time it happens...

Is there a way to switch off the optimisation and for the app to always send an on or off request regardless of what state it thinks the light switch is on to prevent this issue occurring?

Welcome to the club.

This looks like a systemic (albeit hard-to-reproduce) issue, and I'm looking into it.


@bravenel has said he's taking care of this.

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Seems the app checks another source for state that's different to dashboard. Whatever that is, is getting out of sync.

Just out of curiosity, is that a wall switch? Individual bulb? Or Light group? (If it's a group, you might have the work around of turning off optimization for the group. I know I have had some issues with group optimization on even the prior builds due to a few switches that talk directly to the bulbs and do not update the hub on changed status. :man_shrugging:)

It's a light switch. Seems to happen randomly to various light switches around the house. Fix is to simply switch it on and off again either via dashboard or physically. Doesn't happen often, but when it happens you're standing in darkness waving your arms about in a desperate attempt to switch the lights on! LOL

Feels similar to using smartthings again.... hahaha

In order to shed some light onto this bug. It's definitely a motion lighting app issue. While I had this same problem today, I enabled an RM rule and that switched on the same lights without issue.

One more clue as to where the problem lies....
I noticed that the Alexa skill similarly is unable to control the same lights when the fault occurs. Dashboard or RM has no issues.
Alexa skill and motion lighting share a similar way of optimising switch state?

Actually, it is a platform issue, It shows up in Motion Lighting because ML uses the platform in a different way than RM.

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Sounds like you're very close to nailing the root cause? This would explain why the Alexa plugin behaving the same way....

Does this platform issue explain why I've had trouble using the Zone Motion Controller w/the Motion Lighting app in 2.2.4? I get no response w/montion zones created with Zone Motion Controller app, but using the same motion sensors normally in the app works.

I don't know. Ask @mike.maxwell

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This problem seems to have disappeared, at least for now. @gopher.ny are you able to confirm which release this bug was addressed in? If so I will start reverting back to using the motion app for lighting automations rather than RM.

Just want to confirm this issue was not fixed and returns every so often. I won best of there is any plan to fix this as we seemed clear it was a platform issue rather than an app problem.

To the best of my knowledge the platform issue described before was resolved. Are you on the latest build?

Yes, I've been installing the latest builds as soon as they are available. I just experienced this same issue this afternoon where the he motion lighting logs said it thought the lights were already on when they weren't. Again temporarily fixed by switching on directly through dashboard.

As before, the only way to troubleshoot this is a close examination of logs and device events.

@bravenel hopefully this sheds some light onto what's happening...
Logs show ML thinks it's switched on the entrance lights at 1:01am

The logs for entrance lights also show lights coming on at 1:01am

But reality is that it didn't.

Then if I look at the device events the event never happened at 1:01am

And the current state also showed off

I click command "on" and it instantly switches on at 1:05am

If I control via dashboard or the device or via RM it always works. Only fails via ML or Alexa.

Please let me know if you need anything else.