Still rocking a C-4....worth upgrading?

Gonna keep this post it worth upgrading to a C-7 from a C-4?

If your C-4 is meeting your needs, then no.

If you want to have a 700 Z-Wave radio and some of its benefits (for me, this includes seeing more information from the Z-Wave details), then that might be worth it. I think the C-7 has other benefits, but this will depend on what you wan to fix/improve.


I’d say “maybe” :slight_smile:

If you are desiring some of the new UI features, such as individual ZWave repairs, Replace, etc that are related to the 700 series ZWave stack, then yes. But if you’re not needing those, then the rest of the platform code is the same. Zigbee is 100% the same, for example. However, the Hub Protection option doesn’t fit very well, because the C-4 can’t export its ZRadios. Therefore, moving to a C-7 would get you at least able to add that option.


Only if you want to take advantage of Zwave 700. However, since you've waited this long, you might as well wait a little longer for the 800 chip.


And hopefully a zigbee 3.0 chip

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C8 might come out later this year:


If it’s working for you don’t worry about it.

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Not 100% the same, there are database improvements I believe which are not possible on the C4 and below.


Thank you all! Sounds like 700 zwave series is the common influencer for a reason to upgrade l. Admittedly, I fell behind on some of the new standards; just learned about matter only a short time ago last year lol.

I'll have to do some research on what the benefits of the 700 zwave series are.

When is this projected to be released?!

There’s been no official announcement regarding the C-8.

Based on when the C-5 and C-7 got FCC approval relative to their release date, I’d say between 3-6 months.


I just did this. My C-4 is getting old enough to worry about, and I didn't want the inevitable migration to be an emergency rather than a planned project. With the C-7, I hope to be able to do that semi-automatically, unlike this one which took several days to migrate 138 devices. Better to do that when I had time and wanted to make improvements anyway, than to have to because a stray cosmic ray or something takes out the hub.

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