Still getting "hub load is severe" errors. C7,

I'm still getting this error. At this point, I've turned off almost all automations and still getting this error. Is there any hope for a fix?

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Really thought I saw that issue addressed during a recent firmware update, if you want to consider bringing your controller up to the latest revision. This thread was also very interesting during the initial wave of such reports last month.

which version are you on? I update to the latest version each time a new one is released hoping it fixes the issue but nope. It's fine for a couple days and then pops up again. The latest being I just updated to but I'm not so hopeful it is any different this time. Fingers crossed though!

I'm on .110 with no issues, but regardless, ya gotta give it 24 hours to settle after an update, anyway. Expect some higher-than-normal CPU load while the database gets renewed once you're back up and running.

Severe load warning came back. 5 days since firmware update to Using Hubitat simply as device host and Maker API