Start/Stop Level Change on Room Lights Activator?

Just raising this again as a feature request.... I'd really like to be able to use Start/Stop Level Change when someone presses and holds a button to adjust the brightness of a lighting group. It's a little frustrating that individual lights support this, but the RL group can't.

The problem is that the activator is actually a window into the app, and this functionality doesn't translate well for that. It's not a physical device, it's sending commands into the app, and those are discrete events. The app itself is executing a sequence of discrete events. RL does have the ability to run transitions, the initiation of which is a discrete event, and the termination of which can be as well.

An instance like this could be instigated by Start Level Change, using a helper rule with a virtual device, and the stop could be handled the same way.

Tying all of this together somehow in UI based features would take some effort. Will think how that might be done.

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Fair enough. I suspect my workaround in the meantime will be to make button press actions address the bulbs directly, and see if it's a problem that they get out-of-sync with the Activator. (And maybe wade into the Indicator settings if so.) Failing that, sending increasing levels to the Activator is an option, too.

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