Group Light Commands "Start Level Change"

Hoping the Start/stop Level Change commands can be added to the "Group Bulb Dimmer" when making a Zigbee lighting group.

Thank you.

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Perhaps. Part of the problem is that Group Bulb Dimmer is used for more than grouped Zigbee bulbs. And, this feature doesn't work well for those other devices. I'll take a look at what might be done.

If it only works well for Zigbee, could those command options only become available if you say enable zigbee group multicast option?? Or have those options within the device and have an option to enable/disable (disabled by default with a disclaimer).

That puts a spanner in the works the next set of ZigBee lights that I was going to set up the manual dimming for is a group.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I think there's still a use case here:

  • I have some inovelli red dimmers in smart bulb mode (they always power the lights) with a bunch of Zigbee bulbs.
  • I want to be able to dim the bulbs when holding the paddle up or down
  • If I set up a button rule for startLevelChange on the group of lights with Zigbee group messaging enabled an exception is thrown when the button is triggered because "startLevelChange" is missing from groups

The only way around this is to list each bulb individually in the button rule. That's suboptimal because they don't get addressed as a group and may start dimming at slightly different times resulting in uneven changes.

I think there's a need to be able to do "start level change" and "stop level change" with Zigbee group messaging in this case. Is it feasible?

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This is on our list to look at in the future, nothing that we can commit to however and it would only be available for Zigbee bulbs since most other device types don't support multicast messaging, and this isn't a command that can be serialized...


Makes sense. I think it's probably a fairly common use case to do level changes on groups of Zigbee bulbs. For example I'd imagine a lot of people want to replicate the native behavior of hue dimmer buttons with Hubitat. Hopefully it's something you can get to soon. Can you share any time frame in which this might be implemented?


We don't share or commit to timelines publically.

Still hoping this gets implemented. Really hard to dim using an inovelli dimmer. Can't dim all 6 bulbs individually while holding the down button cause the hub doesn't get the stop command until after the bulbs reach 100% or minimum dim.

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