ST to HE migration plan questions

Yeah there was a week or two period where things were weird. It worked well before then, and has worked well since then too. I did add a 2 second delay between an activity shutting off and updating the Other Hub switch, I have seen on occasion when switching activities that one switch will turn off before the other one turns on. I'm using the 2 second wait as a buffer period to keep some lights from shutting off and then turning back on.

In my post about "instant updates" workaround, I believe I noted that I have already used this method. My goal was to completely get away from ST, which my method has achieved. My method also allows up to 100 different virtual switches based on the dimmer level which could have benefits depending on the goal.

That being said, yes this a reliable method for anyone who doesn't have Lutron Caseta integration and/or a Caseta smart plug they want to sacrifice solely for this purpose. The biggest disadvantage of leaving the ST hub in the mix is the reality that you can't disable the zigbee network which is a waste of precious 2.4ghz channel availability.


I didn't think about that. I have no plans to pull my ST hub out of the deep dark depths. I was hoping this all happened in the cloud since these were virtual devices. Reviving ST is a non starter for me. :disappointed:

Are all GE switches affected by this? I have a on/off toggle switch that I'm starting to realize doesn't really report. I thought this only affected older GE devices...

@keithcroshaw, this isnt the same issue with the GE Zwave switches. This has to do with the Logitech Harmony hub not showing the current status of AV activities. No patent related problems here :wink:

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You know, I can't say I tried using the ST integration without the ST hub up and running. Maybe someone could try it to confirm?


If I can find the time today, I'll give it a go and let you know.

If you try this, using the Hubitat official ST to Hubitat integration, you will need the ST hub up and running on the network. The Hubitat SmartApp, "Send Hub Events", uses HubAction to transfer data on the LAN.

sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(msg, physicalgraph.device.Protocol.LAN, "${ip}:39501"))

I am not sure about how @krlaframboise's Other Hub software works... It might be a better option as you could replicate the Hubitat Hub's 'Harmony Activity Switches' back into ST, where they could then be manipulated by the Logitech Harmony Connect integration directly. Again, that's if the 'Other Hub' integration does not use HubAction as well.

A nice metal box over top of it sure would reduce the 2.4ghz interference. :slight_smile:

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We just had a big discussion about this yesterday. Check this thread:

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I saw that... and thought this was that...
Brain isn't firing on all cylinders this week...

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If you find what energizes the other cylinders, share. Mine could use it. :smiley: :smiley:


Cannot brain today. I have the dumb.


Do you know if Harmony hub broadcasts anything over the LAN when it changes activities or turns off? I know it does something becuase the Harmony app on my phone updates immediately when using the remote to change stuff. Would be nice if there was a way to listen to whatever status update that is.

I have a CLI installed on my Pi that I can use to send commands to the hub, they could be tied to virtual switches to where when you turn a switch on it sends a command. That's still one-way though unless there's a broadcast message to listen to.

Do you mean something like this? :slight_smile:

Some of us tried this solution early on, and found the ‘harmony-api’ server would cause the Harmony Hub to slow down over time. When the ported ST solution came out, most of us just switched to that.

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I posted a "hybrid" instant update solution to the "Instant Update" thread. It works great for me and I dont have to turn on my ST hub.

Great idea! I might copy it :slight_smile:

I considered throwing together a simple smartApp for ST that would remove the need for webCore and send the httpGet request directly, but with ST in flux, I decided it's probably a waste of time. Who knows when they are going to flip the switch on ending the classic app.

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webCoRE is easy enough. No need to reinvent the wheel :sunglasses: