Spruce Irrigation System Driver

Anyone have a driver for the Spruce Smart Irrigation system v2? Or know how to convert Spruce-SmartThings/spruce-connect.groovy at master · PlaidSystems/Spruce-SmartThings · GitHub for use with HE?

Yes, someone has already ported that driver (covering all generations of the Spruce sensor) here: Spruce Zigbee Soil Moisture Sensors - driver needed?

That's only the sensor... what about the controller

Ah, I didn't honestly know that ST had an entire SmartApp to interface with the Controller. That I don't think anyone's done, but if you're not afraid of code, it might not be too hard to port (apps are usually easier than drivers)...

I am not afraid of code...but I have never used groovy before, and my web development is pretty much non-existent. Maybe someone that is really bored wants to take a quick look and point me in a few directions? :slight_smile:

I'd recommend find and replace and replacing "physicalgraph" with "hubitat", which might get you most of the way there. This thread has a bit more: App and driver porting to Hubitat

In a note not related to porting but which may cause problems if you don't: it does look like you'll have to enable Oauth on the Connect app, in the event you have never used SmartThings and aren't familiar with how that works (pretty easy and almost the same if you have).

message spruce to bring it over officially. I have done so - many ST folk will be coming over with smartthings held up in running spruce still...

Spruce has been fairly responsive. I got this back from support:

"After checking into it, I believe the main issue is the redirect url in the Oauth process. We require a dedicated url that we would add on our side that would redirect to Hubitat to complete the authorization. Does Hubitat have a general redirect url available or is it different for each user?"

Does anyone know what (or if) the OAuth URL is?

Great they looked into it. Thanks for the update.

Hopefully someone from HE can help

Surely this oauth process is standard. I've seen it complete off site for other apps. But maybe dedicated URL is unique but I'm sure spruce aren't asking for something unique.

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