Speed of dashboard

Can I just ask... (new user here, so haven't had a chance to mess about much)...

... But I'm attempting to recreate an actiontiles style setup on my first hubitat, and I expected the time delays to click a link on one dashboard 'page' to another to be pretty snappy.

I'm actually finding my old actiontiles/smartthings setup to be substantially faster. The hubitat dashboard shows the 'finding devices' message for probably around a second, before opening the target dash page with a bit of animation.

Seems to be similar performance using app (android) or browser on home network.

Any tips for speeding things up? I've just started, so all I actually have are a few virtual devices at the minute - the system hasn't really got going yet.


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Make sure the “use all devices” switch in the dashboard app’s settings page is toggled to off.

Even if you’re not actually using all devices on the dashboard, if that switch is on then the dashboard app gets slowed down because it has subscribed to all those device’s events nonetheless.


Assuming it's on the main hubs gui... Not on the android app. I'll take a look when I'm home from work. Ta!

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If your using Edge at home, don't. Use Chrome or Safari on computer, on mobile use Chrome or Safari.

Wait what.. :rofl: Moral = use Chrome or Safari.


Chrome through and through here

It's good to know that, after I have created all my dashboards. Because if I uncheck the box now, I lose the descriptions on every tile. Luckily they all came back on when I checked the box. :hot_face:

@djh_wolf On your mobile try this rather than app (cleaner/faster). If it opens quickly, try Chrome in an incognito window. If that works, try new session, or start disabling extension.

@davidcwright59 I think Mark might have left out the part about ......

....After turning "use all devices" off, be sure to add all the devices you ARE using to the dashboard, or nothing will work. See if that helps :wink:

For the record, I have never noticed a difference with my dashes load times either way. However it is best practice.



I disabled the "load all devices" option. When navigating between two different dashboards, I still see "loading dashboard.... Loading layout... Loading devices..." for 3-4 secs (chrome, mobile) and maybe 2 secs app (android).

I must be missing something, because I can flip between different tilesets on actiontiles within about a second.

Tried the link above by @TechMedX, and that reduced the lag to about 1-2 secs. Better. Thanks. Could do without the animation too. I want sleek! =p


That is a good point, thanks for clarifying :upside_down_face:.

I’ve never really used the “all devices” option myself, so I can only go by what some others have reported in terms of performance impact.


Are you using the cloud or the local access links ?



Sounds like your dashes are now taking 2-3 seconds to switch, that's normal (for me). Action tiles may be faster switching. They may use AWS, or something with more power behind it then our little hub. I try not to switch and have most of what I need on a given device on one dash. If you wanted ASAP load times you should have a hub dedicated to nothing but dashes and run all rules and other stuff else where, using something like HubConnect. The more "processing" the hub is doing the slower everything becomes.

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OK, looks like I may need to accept that actiontiles (cloud) is actually faster than hubitat (local). That's a little disappointing, and definitely not what I expected.

Just to note that I understand the concept of overloading / slowdown. The worrying part is that there's literally nothing installed on this hub yet. =/

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Keep in mind we have been discussing dashboard loading times only, here.

In general, automations can execute much faster and reliably on hubitat than smartthings.

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Those two things aren't quite comparable. The hub doesn't keep a dashboard loaded into memory (using resources) at all times, whereas the cloud with basically unlimited resources can.

So it takes maybe 1 or 2 seconds to poll the dashboard devices, and render the dashboard itself from my experience. It isn't much worse than loading something like Youtube or other graphics intensive sites from what I see.

I don't really see much of a change of loading times between having only one and maybe a dozen or more devices. It is when you try to render 40-50-100 devices at a time where you start consuming lots of the hub's resources and you notice slow dashboard loading times.


How about lets focus on why you have to switch? You have seen my dashes in some threads right? I could easily fit 75 devices on 1 iPad dash, and 35 on a phone (depending on size), if I wanted a "control center". (don't but could)

What do you want, and how can we make it awesome (on one dash per device)? :wink:

Ok. Guess it depends what you've been spoiled with. Forgive all the Q's, I'm starting from scratch and want to get it right first time - don't want to waste time on one dashboard system and end up re-doing it on another. Huge shame that AT isn't compatible (IMO). Possibly take a look at sharptools too...

Can the animations and the 'loading devices' (etc) be removed? Cheers

ActionTiles is a great cloud-based dashboard solution. Maybe as Hubitat gains in popularity they will revisit their decision to decline to work with Hubitat.

Sharptools is very polished too, and definitely works with HE, so totally worth checking out.


Probably best to illustrate with a few pics?


In answer to the question, I prefer multiple pages, simplified. I hate the look of those dash's which have too much info. (edit - mine's a work in progress, I still want to strip out quite a bit)

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I have noticed if the dashboard seems to load slower than normal, I perform a safe reboot and it speeds it up some.

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