SPDT Switch for HVAC PTAC Fan Speed?

I have a PTAC unit that has two wires for low or high fan speed. Unfortunately with my Lutron environment, their thermostats only support a single fan speed (Beyond that, their thermostat is wonderful). I have to use a manual SPDT switch to change fan (or manually move the wire over between low/high).

Anyone have any ideas on an automated SPDT switch that can be controlled with Hubitat?

I was looking at possibly using MIMOlite, but unfortunately the only nearby power source I have is the 24V the PTAC unit is supplying to the thermostat controller. I'm not sure it would be compatible.

Thank you for any ideas!

The mini lite requires dc, you have a.c., but you could power the mimo off of this:

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Thanks very much for the info!

Do you think a 12V battery pack would also work as an option to power the MIMOlite if I didn't want to use a AC/DC converter?

I was able to find one other product that looks like it would be perfect, 24V AC or DC input and built-in relay, but unfortunately looks like it's limited to only Control4.

You can use an Aqara Double Relay or just about any dual relay. You just need to close an extra set of relays with the wireless relay. That will give you two dry contacts that you can keep dry or put any voltage and current through them, that the additional relays can handle.

This is how I control my alarm system’s 3V DC remote with a 120v AC Xiaomi Dual Relay. I’ve used this method a few times now. The cost is just $9 extra for two relays

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