Spain people

I am looking for Spanish-speaking people to share experiences and help, since I am a beginner

I can speak Spanish, though for some reason I never learned any home automation vocabulary, so you might have to deal with some Spanglish (in the event that those aren't the words actually used in the first place: "apps" and whatnot, ha). :smiley: Otherwise, most (all?) posts in the forum are in English, even if it's a second language for the poster, but I'm not aware of any specific rules that require that.

If you're looking for help with something in particular, I'd suggest posting about in whatever language(s) you feel most comfortable with, and maybe someone will be willing to help! The community is full of people who like to help--even if many (most?) are monolingual English speakers.

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Un saludo Diego! Llevo poco usando hubitat pero si hay algo en lo que pueda ayudar, avisa

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Que bien algún español jajaja tenemos un grupo de telegram por si te interesa, y así compartimos experiencias

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I’m also based in Spain, and if I can be of help…

Encantado si puedo ayudar.


Bienvenido Diego, yo tengo un par de años con Hubitat, he trabajado un par de proyectos con HubDuino. También estoy dispuesto a colaborar en lo que esté a mi alcance. Un saludo desde Colombia.

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Tenemos un grupo de telegram donde compartimos nuestras cosas etc.

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