Sony STR driver?

I realize I should have done this the other way around, but just bought a Sony STR-ZA5000ES AVR.... Now wondering if anyone has a driver for this series Sonys? All I really need is to change toggle between two inputs and turn on/off

Good to know someone is interested. I have never written a driver, but I'm trudging through it now. Should work for all Sony Networked stuff.

I have a STR-DN1020 I'll be happy to test / use the driver.

Hey guys, posted the driver. Written for a soundbar, but will work on these devices. I know that your subwoofer and speaker settings are handled differently than mine, but most of the functions should be the same.


I know this thread is 16 months old, but did you have any luck getting your STR-DN1020 connected to Hubitat? I didn't have any success with the Driver posted here.