[Release] Sony Audio Control Driver

Sony devices like receivers and soundbars should work with this driver. I have tested it on my sony soundbar and all listed functions should work on the compatible devices. This API also works on many other undocumented sony devices. This uses the REST API verses IRCC commands or SOAP calls that some other drivers use. I was not as interested in emulating button clicks, but wanted to know which value the device is currently to optimize settings. I can now change to nightmode and turn down the sub when the kids go to bed.

I plan to add a few more features to this driver soon, but thought I would throw it out in beta to see if anyone with other Sony devices would like to tell me what works or doesn't for their specific device before i add that integration. Please let me know if you have any issues or errors with the driver.

To Install,

  1. import the driver from the URL
  2. Create virtual device with the new driver
  3. Input the IP address and leave the port alone (unless your specific device is weird and says to use something else), NO PSK or WOL needed that i know of, but I added this in case some devices need it (TV's do)
  4. Save the settings, the device will start polling for updates on your chosen cycle.

Below are the screenshots from the driver


Todo List
Switching/Setting inputs
Play/Pause Skip
Play Spotify radio channel, etc

thank you to @snell for his help getting me through my groovy questions and hubitat methods!


Thank you very much for your work on this! This is so close to awesome...

I have a DN1080 and would love to be able to select the external inputs. I found the Device URI here but I don't know the programming enough to add it myself. I didn't notice at first that you have switching/setting inputs on your to do list. So, I won't ask for it, but rather offer to help with any testing.

I currently have power and volume level working, being triggered by channel reporting from my LG TV. This is super helpful due to YouTube tending to be much louder than other sources.

Sure. I have an update to make. I moved over to Sony TV since this was crickets. My soundbar is much simpler than a receiver, but inputs should be easy.

This is great. I had just stumbled onto the fact my DN1080 supported the Audio Control API, and was happy to find somebody had already written a driver. Thanks.

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