I see a lot of stuff about speakers and announcing...

Is there a way to connect Sonos yet?

Just bumping this.
Has anyone got Sonos speakers working?

Everyone has been ‘oddly’ silent on this topic for some reason… hopefully Sonos integration is coming soon for speaker announcements.

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I agree. ST can’t be turned off in my house until Sonos works on Hubitat. I have quite a few voice notifications setup. I have two little kids age 2 and 4 and having voice announcements every time a perimeter door or window open is one of the primary reasons I started converting my home to a smarthome. Keeping fingers crossed this happens in the not to distant future.


Sonos is being worked on. We don’t provide release dates for integrations but we hope it will be sooner rather than later.

The other sticking point is what we want to do with TTS. Being local creates some challenges we need to work through.


I’m confused. Is there any suppprt for Sonos at all? I ask because on the Hubitat home page Sonos is listed as one of the supported devices.

If the delay is because of TTS can’t we just use local mp3s until TTS is worked out?
I’d be happy to have some speakers and create mp3s to ‘speak’ my messages

It wouldn’t take long to write something to play them on cue and locally hosting them means they would be really quick (without the trip to the cloud to convert tts to mp3)


I actually found the TTS to be buggy but i did have a few automations on my Sonos relates to state. A simple one that i’d grown used to was to reset the volume level after it was not playing for a period of time.

the only issue I had with TTS on ST was the delay.(sometimes 10 seconds)
Ok for laundry announcements but no good for ‘someone is at the front door’ - I use mp3s hosted on one of my local servers, for this type of message, and get a pretty instant response (even though ST still takes it through ‘the cloud’)

Sonos teaser...


I guess this means I should stop working on the sonos driver that I started this week(using the jishi sonos api). I even got TTS working.
I’m so used to having to wait months/years for integrations but you guys are just pumping them out. Can’t wait for this one. :slight_smile:


Any chance you will post the driver? I have Bose SoundTouch 10 speakers and I bet I could get them working if I had something to use as a springboard…or alternatively if Bose is in the roadmap I can wait :slight_smile:.

I just recently discovered that Bose has a notification API (in addition to their control API) and I have it working with my Vera hub to play specific mp3 files on my Synology NAS whenever the patio door, back door, front door, garage door are opened. My goal is to get this functionality working in Hubitat!

One of the last things I was waiting for!

Me too.
Once I have this I will have most of my devices on HE.

I am waiting on Sonos, Harmony, and MyQ integrations, but this is the big one!!! Can’t wait to get my voice notifications working again! Good job guys!

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I’m waiting on Google Assistant/Home integration. I have tablets/phones and a shield tv all with google assistant already.

Why not use IFTTT to tie Google Assistant / Home to Hubitat in the mean time?

Like stephack said, as soon as I start messing with workarounds, you guys seem to fix or release what I’m working around, so … I’m okay with waiting.

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Mike, looking at this…
Does the command ‘playText’ do TTS?


TTS on our end is not implemented, it is currently being worked on as a global hub feature, and once completed will be added to this driver.
Currently this integration supports all the transport, and level commands as well as playtrack and set track. I have not worked out using playtrack to use a play list yet.
We are subscribing to upnp device events, so changes initiated in the sonos app are reflected in the driver.

Once we rollout TTS, I’ll update this driver with playTrackAndResume, and playTextAndResume