Sonos - Play Pandora Radio Station, etc?

So, trying to figure out how to have a Sonos device play specific radio stations from Pandora, or a Amazon playlist, etc.

I've tried putting " Radio" as I would invoke it through Alexa (its an alexa enabled sonos), no love :frowning:

Is there anywhere I can find the commands available (either via driver interface or WebCoRE) and examples?


the easiest way of doing this is in my opinion is to play what you want through the sonos app, open the driver details (refresh the page if you haven't already), then copy string in the uri variable in the state variable section.
it should look something like this: x-rincon-mp3radio://
this can then be used with the playTrack command in the driver ui, or in any app that exposes playTrack from music players.

I imagine sonos's alexa enabled device has it's own way of working, I don't have one of them, but in any event that setup doesn't have anything to do with Hubitat's integration.



Thanks again! I am going to take all the tips and distill them into a post at some point ... one because as I get older I get more brain farts ... and so that others can pick up from my senior moments .... (Well ... not AARP Senior but ... yeah getting old sucks :rofl:

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Wait till you put your hub in discovery mode and can’t remember what device you are trying to add.

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No old jokes, please. Some of us are 70 (I think, anyhow). At least I wake up on the right side of the grass!


I say that every day - was told @ 16 I'd be dead by 30 (genetic for of cancer) ... I'm now ~20 years past my "Use By" date ... so old is 'relative'

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What is the easiest way to get the uri to refresh? seems like its hit or miss on the refresh

Can I do this with Chromecast integration? I'm trying to setup a RM that will begin casting a specific Pandora station to a Chromecast audio group.