SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus

Just received a mail from Sonoff for this, looks very nice and can be flashed to be an extender like the Xbee rather than a coordinator .

Thinking I may have a pop, but thought I'd share :+1:

For those who'd like to know more on the flashing and uses of these great little devices, please check out @danabw 's post here, many thanks for sharing!! :+1:


Do you have references to someone flashing it to be an extender with instructions? I'm interested too

Not as yet, although their instructions are here. Looks a very neat solution, although it does say to need to use HA to do it.

Scratch that, reading the flashing guide, theres no mention of HA. So I suspect, like the Xbee, after flashing you would just add to HE as a "device"?

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It's all your fault. :grinning: I grabbed one before they went OOS, but haven't done anything with it yet. I buy too many gadgets...

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I've got 2 of them. Using them as coordinators though.

I've flashed plenty of other zigbee sticks in the past. There are some good instructions on how to do it for various sticks on the zigbee2mqtt forums/site.